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Twi'lek Pam

Nightsister Sith Witch Standards Discussion

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Would anyone like to get us started on the Nightsister Sith Witch standards?


Here's the required format. (We don't have to put something in every category. Should Have and May Have are to be used only as needed.)




A Nightsister Sith Witch Costume Must Have

(These costume elements are required.)



A Nightsister Sith Witch Costume Should Have:

(These costume elements are highly recommended, but are not required.)



A Nightsister Sith Witch Costume May Have:

(These costume elements are optional, but they can really make a costume stand out!)







Pam :-)

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Guest Anonymous

Well this costume is already a bit confusing for me. Since there aren't standards yet I was looking through and pictures i could find to start writing a skeleton for them...


Already the art i'm finding differs... Anyways, Here are some more pics I've found.







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Guest Anonymous

This is in NO WAY the Correct format, and I understand that. This is just my take on the costume in case someone wants to start making standards =)



Get ready to be seeing RED for a long while if you intend to do this costume =)

The fabric should be bright, blood red, probably a lighter weight fabric since there is a TON of it, and probably somewhat stretchy. It shouldn't be stiff since it needs to wrinkle a lot.


The body paint should probably be latex based, or something like it.



In some shots it looks like a head piece and like her hair is wrapped in that bright, blood-red cloth, particularly on the comic cover and the concept design. The headpiece should come to the hairline and just cover it-no hair should be visible. The top on the piece should be arced and approx 4-6 inches in height (depending on the wearers face dimensions, perhaps the distance between the eye line and the hair line) and the center of the arc should abruptly dip and inch or two as seen in the picture and a strip of cloth running down to the mid forehead. Strips of cloth should wrap the head piece horizontally, gathered in front of the ears, and descend down the face. Another piece of cloth should hold the strips together near the cheek and descend in a possible hair wrap.


Behind the crown, the hair may be braided, gathered, or wrapped in more cloth. Some hair may be left loose to give a messy/battle effect.


The Mini and the card looks to be the literal hair... possibly could be done in white if you follow the card's design. The Hair should be separated into 5 locks but long cylindrical pieces, possibly braided. The separators could be decorated with designs/lettering.


The hair and wraps should be between waist and hip length.


Make up: The ONLY skin shown in this costume is the face, and that should be purely white with black accenting. A rectangular shape turned 45 degrees with one corner beginning ad the corner of the eye should extend upwards towards the air line (either extend to it or come to a point near it). Lips should be black and possibly the nose as well, depending what image you are using as a ref. A thin line extending from the corners of the mouth should expand and meet one of the legs of a right triangle. The Hypotenuse should follow the jaw line, possibly extending to the neck. There should only be a strip of white seen between the eye-rectangle and the cheek triangle.


On the forehead, above the bridge of the nose should be an ovular spherical decoration of white. It may be attached to the strip of cloth that hangs down the forehead from the crown.



The cloth of the outfit should wrap up around the neck, like a turtle neck. Be sure to pain the neck down to the base of the shoulders white or black (depending on how far down the black extends from the cheeks) in case any skin does show.



A vest coming down to the bottom of the ribs with extended shoulders or wide shoulder armor/pads that extend horizontally out or angled up at least 6 inches from the end of the shoulder should be wrapped in red cloth. It actually should be designed similarly to Piccolo/gohan's armor from Dragon Ball Z, except the cloth should be wrapped down from the shoulders, to the ribs, around, and back up the shoulders:

http://images.elfwood.com/fanq/s/a/sara ... lo_sml.jpg

Picture of possible under armor: http://www.rmkworld.net/ELSEWHERE/yamchacoatmanga.jpg


The length of the chest cloth will probably be very very long as it should be wrapped, crisscrossed, and twisted several times as shown in the pictures! It should be a light cloth but one that easily bunches up, so probably nothing stiff either. Strips of cloth 1-2 feet long, possibly several twisted together, should be lined with thin wire and spread out in a random and chaotic fashion from the shoulders.


A final X cross of a wide piece of the red cloth should be visible on the front chest on top of all the wrapping. It should be tucked in and pinned in the back somewhere.



The waist should be starkly thin compared to the layers of cloth around the upper body. A Corset might work well underneath, or just a slimmer for the waist. Again, red cloth used as a sash, crinkled together, and wrapped tightly and horizontally around the waist, tied in back, and either tucked into itself, or hung down to the shins.



Arms are a biiiit difficult to determine what the heck is going on with them. The figurine looks like wide long sleeves that area gathered to create tons of wrinkles and closed at the wrists, perhaps by a draw string.

The Card on the other hand looks like tight sleeves with almost a fish-fin looking strip of cloth running down the bottom length that I assume would be stiff. I'm not sure what to make of it. The sleeve comes down in a point also, possibly extending on the back of the hand to the fingers.



Tight red gloves. Probably extending to at the the middle of the forearm, maybe to the elbow, or higher. Just dont let your skin be seen!


Skirt: The skirt should be a petal skirt. These are common belly dancer skirts so a pattern should be easy to come by. Petal skirts usually have a tight elastic waist line which could be tucked into the sash or under the corset/slimmer. There should be numerous petals of the same material as the rest of the outfit ranging in different widths. The lengths should all be the same, ranging down to the shins. There should be more than enough petals to make sure that the legs do not show easily.



The Pants are perhaps the most difficult part to decide on. I've seen a lot of pictures of Dark Force Witches and variations of Sith Witches wearing Hakama Style pants with wrapped Kyahan.... aka legs that look like a ninja. https://cghub.com/files/Image/5972/image.jpg

The legs aren't shown at all so... wear red! You can always style your leggings and boots after other sith, such as Darth Maul



Obvious red lightsaber.... Silver/gray in handle... detail is a bit difficult to see! There does appear to be a large guard on it though. I suggest buying the figure if you really want a closer look... perhaps one of the other sith styles of lightsaber will do?

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Guest Anonymous

I have seen several sources for the attire of the Nightsisters. One is from the SW Galaxies game, the other is the comic image and then ofcourse the one from the tabletop RPG. I am not sure how to upload a poc to the forum here or I would link the image from the Galaxies game. If someone can give em a clue on how to do that it would be awesome and could give the option of a different attire than the solid red.

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Guest Anonymous

Awesome, I had not found that post yet. Now you have given me the link, *cackles madly* Thanks. The images and costumes look great. I may start work on the force witch that was from the table top game. If i do I'll post the pics.

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Now that the Night Sisters will be on the Clone Wars next season, will they still be part of this detachment, or will they go back to Sith Lords?

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I would think they would be here. The Sith Lord Detachment is primary full Sith Lords from the movies. It will be interesting to see how they fit into Season 3.

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