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  1. While Astraal was Jedi Vao's sister, she was dedicated to the Imperial Mission. As such, is she eligible for 501st submission?
  2. I currently do not have a dog in this hunt, but I have had Lady Lumiya on my list for many years. As a "Dark Lady of the Sith" and the progenitor of Darth Caedus, I would hope that she is not disqualified as a Sith Lord.
  3. Howdy, Now that the Night Sisters will be on the Clone Wars next season, will they still be part of this detachment, or will they go back to Sith Lords?
  4. Seriously, pictures do NOT do this costume justice! It Was Spectacular ...And to think the cardboard AT-AT was even in the running against you!.. I mean, it was cute and such, but still, simply no comparison to your Sith Witch.
  5. I hope everyone got to see MEs Nightsister costume at D*C this year. Simply spectacular. Unfortunately, I was too tired and as such rude to properly compliment it at the parade. I don't have a picture handy, but it did win overall best SW costume. Here is a picture with me ... bad camera phone, and really doesn't do it justice at all...
  6. Leaving the topic of the headdress/face/hand of a shaper, I'm still trying to figure out what they wear! The NJO references robes, and the picture of Mezhan Kwaad, on the edge of victory suggests this, too. I was thinking of a kimono type robe, but the miniature shows a completely different outfilt (Not that the miniatures have been known to be canon!) I've also thought of a dress that looks like it is held up by a claw like hook at the neck line. Anyone else have a thought on this?
  7. I am a proud cross dresser While I do more with our 501st garrison, I actually have more RL costumes. Go figure!
  8. Howdy, These link to Vistas Marr
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