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Help finishing Starkiller builds

Guest jolivarri

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Guest jolivarri

Appreciate any available feedback on what I need to get either my Starkiller Tie Factory or Racus Prime build approved. My main problems are finding the means to improve or done one who can make accessories like the gauntlet, proper shoulder strapping for the factory build or the gloves, backpack, arm rings for Raxus Prime. Thanks for any advise including anyone I can commission to make these accessories!

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well there's a lot of differences between the 2 costumes, and I'm not entirely sure which one you're aiming for. As it stands though, either way it needs a lot of work to match the references.





I'm quite fond of using crossover pieces too, but If I were you, I think I would pick one to pin down first, and then see which parts could transfer to the other.


Here's the CRL's for both of them:

http://www.501st.com/databank/Costuming ... vytraining

http://www.501st.com/databank/Costuming ... e_training


In answer to your other question, I have no idea who makes or sells parts, so I'm sorry, I can't help you there :P


If you have any more questions, be sure to ask :D

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Hi Mate


I will recommend you to work on the different widts of the belts .. they are all of different sizes and they are not black but more of a brown chesnut color


also they have metal details that you have to costume make .


The wraps and loin cloth are also of a darker shade of material and they need to be heavy weathered



here are a few images of mine for reference






you can also check out my site for more images if you would like to see other angles of mine




by all means im not saying you have to copy what i have done .. but you can get an idea .. always copy the 3d render of the game and not the images of the CRL or other costumes made by other people

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Guest jolivarri

How can I "weather" my tunic? Also, what is the best material for wraps and how would I weather them up?

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Weathering really is best when wearing the costume.




I used a lot of boot polish weathering my wraps. Sometimes I redo it on the boot wraps at an event, just so the weathering is right over the spat ridges on the wraps.


And yes, my wrist wraps smell like a combination of sweat, chlorine from the swimming pool at CVI, and febreze.


If you have bigger arms, I make the TIE Factory gauntlet. If you have smaller arms, modifying a standard right Mando gauntlet is easy enough.

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