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Found 10 results

  1. Per the CRL, Revan’s armor is to be made out of a “rigid material.” I’m not skilled with plastics, but I’m getting better with leather. Considering the detail and curvature, if I started with a base cuirass of 9-10 oz leather, soaked and formed to my torso, and then the detailing pieces were cemented on as well, the result is going to be fairly stiff: layered composites over a curved/formed surface lose flexibility. Not as rigid as thermoplastic, of course. would this be likely to pass? Or should I start saving up to buy from Wicked Armor? I just don’t have the space in my apartment to add another medium on top of my sewing and leatherworking gear.
  2. Hello everyone, i'm finishing my Darth Revan costume and i'm looking for a lightsaber for the application. I found this one on the web. It's pretty cool, it has a lot of stuff like rgb colors and soundboard, and it's very cheap (like 90$). I would like to know if you think that it would be ok for the application! Thank you
  3. Hi my name is Kendra, This will be my first costume I am making to become part of the 501st legion and part of the Flagship Eclipse, hopefully. I have almost finished the mask, I made it with papercraft and bondo and have to add a few extra details. I have a pretty good idea on how to proceed with the cape and hood, plus all the other fabric accessories, but I'm trying to figure out the best way to do his armour. Using bondo took a long time but the result was pretty good, I just don't know if there is better materials or ideas that could be recommended to me. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Greetings all! I'm looking to get a Revan costume and was wondering if any one has the templates or know where to buy the soft goods??
  5. Greetings all! I'm looking to get a Revan costume and was wondering if any one has the templates or know where to buy the soft goods??
  6. I am very close to getting my Revan finished for submission for the basic 501st approval. For the flagship I still have a couple of things left to do. Mainly the dropping of the o ring, the leather for the rings and the single piece bracers. (Trying to get a stl print file for those. Anyone who has that that could direct me to it would be appreciated lol.) The clips at the top of the armor will be replaced with the more accurate ones by the time I send my application for approval in. I did have a question for the red material at the bottom of the chest plate. What material would be better to us for it in your all's opinion? I shall include the link to pic of the armor as it sits now and the application pics once they are ready to send in. http://s1378.photobucket.com/user/LordVykous/media/IMG_20171112_142908_zpsmjqllssc.jpg.html?sort=3&o=1
  7. Hello! I'm currently building Darth Revan. Starting from the bottom. I have a discussion regarding the CRL for Darth Revan. I've noticed it's lacking boot armor. I'd like / would prefer to have boot armor for more precise accuracy. In my opinion, it's a necessary detail. I'm requesting for this to be allowed optional, if anything. Are there any builders that can help build this / approve this request in the CRL? I'd say they have a similar appearance compared to Mandalorian Armor, Mark3. Please, let me know. Let's make this happen.
  8. hello everybody, i am currently working on a Revan costume from Star Wars The Old Republic (the redeemed/foundry variant, not the 'Shadow of Revan' variant). i had posted some progress pictures on my facebook page an one of them got a comment from my (Dutch) Garrison members. he asked: user nr 1: ''Is the version you're working on approvable?'' (he means for the 501st). some of the other members had answered him before i could, this is the discussion that broke out: user nr 2: ''No ... there is only 1 CRL for Revan, the original KOTOR version ... maybe he can offer the first variation as CRL? ;)'' user nr 1: ''Could possibly. Would it?'' me: ''Well... this version is not approvable for the 501st because good guy and everything, but it is for rebel legion'' user nr 2: ''"Good guy" ... very subjective. In SWTOR he wants to commit genocide to all Pureblood Sith'' me: ''But he works for the republic and ''helps'' the jedi. Although I assume that Revan is more gray than light at that point. The only thing I know is that this version of Revan has not been approved by the 501st but approved by the RL'' ''There are technically two different SWTOR Revans. One would be the light side and the other would be the dark side version from the recent Revan Expansion. Being that the Shadow of Revan is literally the embodiment of the Dark Side within Revan, I would say it is very much 501st.'' -The Flagship Eclipse'' user nr 3 (Dutch Garrison GML): ''Then I would build a build thread and see if you can comment on the DL'' user nr 4:''"I was Sith, I am Jedi" I think never is 501st worthy so, hippie Revan :p'' as you can see, there is some infighting, if you can call it that, within the Dutch Garrison about if the SWTOR redeemed/foundry variant is 501st approved. i thought i had done all my research and had found that this costume is ONLY approvable for rebel legion, but this conversation had left me more confused than before. so my question is: is the SWTOR redeemed/foundry version of Revan also approvable for the 501st or only for RL? (side question, just because i'm curious, is the SWTOR Revan mask (again, the redeemed/foundry variant, not the 'Shadow of Revan' variant) compatible with the KOTOR (501st approved) variant of Darth Revan?) thanks in advance. kind regards Siebe Foesenek, TK-17516, Dutch Garrison
  9. What would be the best pattern that I could use to make Revan's cape? I see that it could be made into 4 pieces put together, I just didn't know if there was a set pattern or not. If I could be put in the right direction that would be amazing Thanks in advanced
  10. Hey just wanted to post a pic, Wicked Armor made it, but i am assembling it, really is complex when it comes to fitting. I need to replace my gloves; to thick for braces. My hood is ok for now, but need to hide the extra fabric somehow??? There are always little tweaks here n' there...kinda hard to take a selfie with a gloved hand
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