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  1. Hey Everyone! I'm Workhorse, joining up to peruse and get some inspiration. If you're in the other detachments like SLD or BHG, you've probably seen me around there too fielding info or helping with references since I have a couple designs I'm plotting out. While I love plenty of EU costumes, the one I'm primarily focusing on for the future will be Mandalore the Ultimate; currently on a kick of Mandalorians (have a live action Death Watch being finalized and a custom design with the Mercs down the line) and it's hard to beat the king. I primarily do 3d print work and default to that as it's my specialty, but I know there's a couple people who have done/sell fantastic kits in other mediums and given the structure of a lot of this, it's a place where I'll be experimenting with a lot. I'd love to discuss this more in depth with people who have experience with him, so if you all have any recommendations for who to contact, armor packs, or anything of the sort I'd love to know. Thanks and I hope to join up with you all soon!
  2. Just a thought for this, but my girlfriend was recently approved in the Rebel Legion as Bastila and I was wondering if it would be possible to have Bastila be a 501st acceptable costume. The robe she would need would obviously be a Dark Jedi robe from Kotor 1 unless we could use her regular robe and do a darker recolor. I think it'd be interesting since Mortis Ahsoka has just recently been approved.
  3. Hello, First time crafting a 501st approved costume and I am trying to make Darth Nihilus. Looking into getting a mask and found this one on Wicked Armor, https://wickedarmor.com/collections/darth-nihilus/products/darth-nihilus-mask-inspired-by-star-wars-knights-of-the-old-republic-ii-custom-prop-replica. I was wondering if anyone could let me know if this mask would be approved for the KOTOR 2 variant of the Darth Nihilus. Thanks!
  4. Looks like we might be getting to see the Old Republic and/or KOTOR in the form of a movie or TV show. Super excited about the prospect of Disney tapping into this era. Source: https://io9.gizmodo.com/yes-lucasfilm-is-developing-something-for-knights-of-t-1834093809
  5. Hello! I'm currently building Darth Revan. Starting from the bottom. I have a discussion regarding the CRL for Darth Revan. I've noticed it's lacking boot armor. I'd like / would prefer to have boot armor for more precise accuracy. In my opinion, it's a necessary detail. I'm requesting for this to be allowed optional, if anything. Are there any builders that can help build this / approve this request in the CRL? I'd say they have a similar appearance compared to Mandalorian Armor, Mark3. Please, let me know. Let's make this happen.
  6. Hi everyone! I am just starting on the Visas Marr Kotor II costume. I am starting with creating a pattern for her veil. I feel that I have gotten the look pretty close, but want some advice from people with more experience costuming/people who have completed this costume already. Any tips or patterns that I can compare mine too? Since I'm new to costume fabrics, are there any other fabrics than chiffon to use so that you can see where you are walking with ~1.25 inches band like Pam's tutorial uses? I'm planning on getting the inner dress and veil fabric soon so I want to make sure to get the right see through fabric for seeing on trooping days. Also does anyone know a good way to upload progress pictures? I am unable to post anything above 500 KB and was wondering how to keep the quality of the photos. Thanks, K8 L33
  7. Hey just wanted to post a pic, Wicked Armor made it, but i am assembling it, really is complex when it comes to fitting. I need to replace my gloves; to thick for braces. My hood is ok for now, but need to hide the extra fabric somehow??? There are always little tweaks here n' there...kinda hard to take a selfie with a gloved hand
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