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  1. Thank you for the advice! I'll work on the mock up pattern to see what I can do to make the back a single panel. And that's helpful to hear what other people have been doing vision wise. It does seem to be a conundrum. It makes me want to make two versions of the veil one that has more vision (with the see through fabric) and one just normal fabric (no see through fabric) to see which one can get approved.
  2. ShadowFang3

    Visas Marr Kotor II Project

    Work in progress for Visas Marr Kotor II: progress pictures, mockups, etc.
  3. Oops! Hopefully you all can see the picture now. Just a note, the flower lace represents the see through material Pam indicated to use in her tutorial.
  4. Hi everyone! I am just starting on the Visas Marr Kotor II costume. I am starting with creating a pattern for her veil. I feel that I have gotten the look pretty close, but want some advice from people with more experience costuming/people who have completed this costume already. Any tips or patterns that I can compare mine too? Since I'm new to costume fabrics, are there any other fabrics than chiffon to use so that you can see where you are walking with ~1.25 inches band like Pam's tutorial uses? I'm planning on getting the inner dress and veil fabric soon so I want to make sure to get the right see through fabric for seeing on trooping days. Also does anyone know a good way to upload progress pictures? I am unable to post anything above 500 KB and was wondering how to keep the quality of the photos. Thanks, K8 L33
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