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    Tallahassee, FL
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  1. Hey Everyone! I'm Workhorse, joining up to peruse and get some inspiration. If you're in the other detachments like SLD or BHG, you've probably seen me around there too fielding info or helping with references since I have a couple designs I'm plotting out. While I love plenty of EU costumes, the one I'm primarily focusing on for the future will be Mandalore the Ultimate; currently on a kick of Mandalorians (have a live action Death Watch being finalized and a custom design with the Mercs down the line) and it's hard to beat the king. I primarily do 3d print work and default to that as it's my specialty, but I know there's a couple people who have done/sell fantastic kits in other mediums and given the structure of a lot of this, it's a place where I'll be experimenting with a lot. I'd love to discuss this more in depth with people who have experience with him, so if you all have any recommendations for who to contact, armor packs, or anything of the sort I'd love to know. Thanks and I hope to join up with you all soon!
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