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  1. Hello! I was going to make my own shin guards and knee pads for the black bodysuit but I do not have the space anymore to work on large projects. I purchased the following police grade shinguards with knee pads attached. Has anyone else purchased these? those with approval do you think they may work? Thanks, Mel
  2. Thank you for response. I actually ended up finding some PU black piping that has some stretch in it! I am still in the process of trying to build it.
  3. Hello! Melissa, from Atlanta, GA here. Hoping to build Mara Jade black bodysuit and black nebula. I have figured out my pattern and what fabric I will be using for the complete build. A lot of learning here since I am trying to build everything myself (minus the blaster and saber). I am nervous about the bodysuit and trying to figure out the piping and with the 4 way stretch fabric. Hope I can learn a lot from Flagship to help me with my build. Nice to "meet" everyone! Melissa
  4. I am trying to tackle making Mara Jade black bodysuit for 501st approval. I’m trying to find a good black piping for the costume. Did y’all purchase or have to make your own with leftover fabric. Also, does the triangle piece on the front also have piping around it? I can’t really tell when I try to do a search because some photos show it and now do not. I’ll post photos of my progress as I go. I will be making a muslin mockup so I know what I need to do so when I actually use my real fabric I don’t mess it up and waste. thank you! Melissa from Georgia, USA
  5. Hi! From GA too and trying to join 501st with Mara Jade build. Melissa