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  1. These are off-white suede, that I think would work, but you should check with your GML https://is.gd/BILXqO There are also these, that I think might do the trick, again I'd check with your GML. https://is.gd/uW0SW5 All the CRL says is off-white wrist length. https://is.gd/7Ha9dV "Off-white wrist length gloves are worn with an off-white cowl." So you just need to make sure they match your cowl. Good luck!
  2. Just off the top of my head, have you checked etsy? I'll see if I can find the link, but I remember seeing a wrist length glove that you could get made in several different colors.
  3. My wife is working on a Mara Jade. Any suggestions on boots? We ordered the bodysuit from Scarlet Stitchery on Etsy, her work looks amazing. https://is.gd/WHSUmp But we are having some difficulty finding boots in her size (US 10) that don't have stretchy material or lots of buckles, etc
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