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  1. Its a point, yes, and i can agree with that. But on the other side its something we could call "screen accurate" and it is, in my opinion, a pretty cool costume. :) so lets see what going on with it
  2. Its something you can see clearly in 360°. And Dark Rey is also just a Vision and it will surely be a Legion Approved costume i think So why shouldn't it become a Legion costume?
  3. I took some photos on my ps4. For those who didn't play Jedi: Fallen Order yet. The Lightsaber hilt is optional i think. As you know, the play can edit his lightsaber to whatever he wants to make it look like https://imgur.com/a/194EBi6
  4. Some photos i took on ps4. Nightsister Merrin (Jedi: Fallen Order) https://imgur.com/gallery/y0O2V2F
  5. Hello there from Germany. I am here to help out my best friend in building a Doctor Aphra: gray jacket costume. So i am requesting full access to the TFE forums. ID: 20113 Garrison: German Garrison Detachment: Spec Ops http://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=30612
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