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  1. Gruntsky

    A'Shared Hett Lightsabers 3D Model WIP

    Official Nocturne Armory A'Sharad Hett saber. Custom claws and beads added (the originals sucked)
  2. Gruntsky

    "discouraged jedi armor usage"

    Having said that, the CRL model appears, to me, to be wearing TOR armour...
  3. Gruntsky

    "discouraged jedi armor usage"

    TOR armored jedi:
  4. Gruntsky

    "discouraged jedi armor usage"

    The CRL is referring to TOR armor.
  5. Gruntsky

    Knight of Zakuul (SWTOR)

    I always get a chuckle from pictures like this. In a technologically advanced galaxy, far far away they still use leather straps and buckles!
  6. Gruntsky

    A Nihilus from France

    Gunscrews sounds much cooler!
  7. Gruntsky

    A Nihilus from France

    Those are called pouch studs in the leatherworking world Heavy
  8. Gruntsky

    Rising Moon's Lumiya WIP

    Can't wait to see it, I like what you've done with the circuitry you posted above.
  9. Gruntsky

    Rising Moon's Lumiya WIP

    Circuitry looks good so far. As far as the chest box goes, I'd be more inclined to go with the version in the last picture you posted, just because it is the most clearly defined, unless you have better pictures of the version you sketched.
  10. Gruntsky

    Rising Moon's Lumiya WIP

    Good luck!
  11. Gruntsky

    Rising Moon's Lumiya WIP

    Looks like a thorough investigation! Can't wait to see your work. Are you going to add in the chest box that appears in the panels?
  12. Requesting 501st access too please!
  13. Hi all, my name is Jake and I'm from Australia. I'm about 99% done with a Tusken Raider costume (waiting on approval!) and enjoyed the build I figured I'd try for an A'Sharad Hett costume as well