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  1. Also, do you have a suggestion on how I should reach out Bioware as well?
  2. Yeah I'm not quiet certain where they should fall either. They aren't Imperial or Dark Side users, but they aren't Light Side users, Republic, or the good guys of the KOTFE and KOTET story lines either. I'd figure I'd post here first since their bad guys mainly and don't fit into any of the other Force user detachment, but I think posting in the Rebel Legion wouldn't hurt either. Would EVA work? A friend suggested I use it but I wasn't sure if it would be durable enough for trooping? Would it? Also, I was considering 3D printing as my choice as I have access to a printer locally and several members of the Carolina Garrison have one as well, I just think learning how to design it would be the worst part for me since I don't know too much about how to design things outside of the very basics of 3D design. Thought, as you said, I could find someone with the talent to to do it for me.... Thanks for the comments by the way! I'm sure this will be quiet the experience..
  3. So I've been wanting to build a Zakuul Knight for a while now but I'm not certain on how to achieve this. I'm really, really novice at costume building and I've never built a costume from scratch before either, so I expect this will be quiet a learning experience. I have a few reference photos of them from the cinematic and the like, I do think I'd prefer to do the Cinematic version due to it more detailed but I don't know at the moment. Now, I don't know what I should do first, I was thinking of either making the Lightsaber Pike, Shield, or Helmet first since they are all pretty minor and would probably encourage me to finish the rest of it eventually but I'm not certain what to make it many of them out of. I thought about visiting the Royal Guard forums and asking how people made the Lightsaber Pike for the Shadow Guard. I do know of two people who have this armor and I've thought about reaching out to them about the armor, there is a person named Propmaker Echo who made a complete set of armor, it isn't accurate to the cinematic in my opinion but its the only complete set I've seen before. There is also a person named Justice who has some armor, but upon closer look it might be Echo's armor she has. She was the Knight at Celebration/Cantina I believe. I've also thought about reaching out to Bioware, Blur, and/or the original artist to try and get further assistance with it, but I'm not sure how'd I'd go about that. What do you guys think of all this? I'd appreciate any feedback or input about this, as I said I don't really know where to begin or what to do, other than I'd like to try and do this at some point. Thank you for your time!
  4. I know one person has, a group of artists by the name of Ruthlessfx did the SWTOR version of his armor that you have pictured there, you could perhaps look into what they did/ask them?
  5. Hello there! I'm John from Blowing Rock, NC. I'm currently a member of the Carolina Garrison and I currently have a ANH Stunt TK, however I am working on a Heavy Weapons Trooper conversion for it and am also building a TIE pilot as well. After attending the panel you guys had at Celebration (I was the guy with the black officer hat) I think I'd like to work on getting a Darth Revan and begin researching and building a Knight of Zakuul. I would appreciate any help with either, especially the latter since no one has joined the Legion with a costume such as that before, but I am excited to get started!
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