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  1. Hi everyone! This is a cross-post of my post on the Sith Lords forum. I was curious if the Inquisitors in Kenobi, being live-action, would fall under the Sith Lord detachment or the Flagship eclipse? Looks like we have 4 that appear in the show. The Grand Inquisitor with a new look. The 5th Brother. The 3rd Sister, and a 4th unknown Sister Inquisitor. Rupert Friend's Grand Inquisitor: 5th Brother 3rd Sister Unknown Sister 5th, 3rd, and Unknown I'm seeing a lot of leather and rigid material in the inquisitors. As well as LED lights. I'm personally interested in building the 5th Brother.
  2. The chest and backplate have finished post-processing and are ready to be painted with straps installed. The helmet is nearly finished being post-processed, the ears still need to be attached.
  3. @Bibi Hi! I'm a costume advisor for the underworld and I'm actively fighting for the knight of Ren to move back to underworld, I hope you have an update very soon for you. The new comic only members would definitely fall under the flagship eclipse though.
  4. Ordered buckles to install on the Ochi Boots, turns out they are identical in make to the Kal Kestis boots.
  5. Progress on the boots by Crowprops.
  6. All the armor is in the painting phase now and assembling the weapons now. No pictures I wish to share yet except maybe this:
  7. Lines mostly filled in on the shoulder armor, hoping to complete the hard parts of the costume within the next day or 2, then starting the weapons.
  8. Filling in the lines on the chest and back plate tonight.
  9. @DarthValkyria New image of Ochi of Bestoon came out today!!!
  10. Everything that needs to be printed has been printed, I just need to get around to post-processing them now.
  11. Helmet lights came in a few hours ago:
  12. Helmet, Front plate and back plate, and shoulders are printed. Half of the ears for the helmet are printed with the other half printing now. Printing the axe head also at the moment. Tomorrow will have the Pistol and the spear head being printed Followed by the A280 CFE blaster. I have Crowprops making the Boots now, as well as gloves and the belt and holster. Looking at a completion around mid December.
  13. I've had good luck using Alclad chrome paint and high gloss for chrome pieces. They can be sealed with pledge floor clear coat without loosing the luster or dulling it.
  14. Mask being made by Justin Gregory
  15. Helmet printed sans ears: Chest plate printed in one piece:
  16. More of the 3d models by the talented 3d modeler SeriyPes: Currently printing the chest plate now and I ordered a good looking belt, I'm going to need to replace the buckle on it though.
  17. The maker that I've commissioned is nearly finished with the 3d print file for the helmet, they did an excellent job capturing the details! Also the silicone mask that I commissioned to be made for helmetless Ochi (in the comics) is scheduled to be finished by the end of November/ early December. So far the core is made and the details are being sculpted.
  18. I am looking forward to seeing this build!!!!! Any thoughts yet on how you are going to make the head? It looks like his nostrils could also serve as eye holes.
  19. with the new book "secrets of the Sith" released today, 2 new images of ochi of bestoon were in it including a full body one. Would this be a sufficient enough references to also do his Rise of Skywalker appearance? @DarthValkyria
  20. Gloves came in today, they're a bit more golden than I like but that's okay since in several issues his gloves have a yellow like appearance (while every other leather thing being brown). I'm going to need to remove that dark leather oval shape and add a panel on top of the gloves.
  21. More images of the back of Ochi's head for reference:
  22. Boots have arrived! I'm going to have to remove the bottom strap of the top 2 straps and also remove the strap going directly over the vamp of the boot. I am also replacing the bottom most strap buckle with a 3d printed one that closely matches the one in the comics. There will also be a leather panel placed along the vamp similar to what the death trooper boots have
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