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  1. I'm not an approval person either, but I do have an approved Darth Traya. The lightsaber that I use is a Revan like saber as I was unable to find a saber hit that looks like the one in the CRL. I switched out the pommel to be a more plain / flat style though so that it doesn't have the skinny neck like Revan's. My first one came from Ultrasabers. I then upgraded to a Vader's Vault. The lightsaber is 'optional' for approval at least.
  2. I took several photos also at Celebration. My album can be found here: https://photos.app.goo.gl/BwTXfs4YRD3PsVf76
  3. They maybe ok for level 1 approval but the ones I've seen always have the elastic at the wrist to help with fitting. Have you purchased your boots yet? When I purchased my boots I bought the gloves at the same time. Both Crowprops and Imperial Boots have Boot/Glove combos. For the neck seal, you may want to search the Second Sister Facebook group for suggestions.
  4. Yes, Traya has the black robes where Kreia had the brown and ochre tunic. Spoilers to come for those who may not have played the game yet--- Kreia's history is complicated and she is a complex character. I believe her ultimate goal was to deafen/destroy the Force. She may be wearing her Darth Traya gear at the end as the final 'boss', but it does not seem that her goals changed throughout the entire game under either persona. I am open to hear other views though. The initial summary from Wikipedia for Kreia: "She is a blind Force-sensitive who forms a "bond" with the player character, the Jedi Exile, through the Force. Kreia sets herself up as the Exile's mentor, and rejects the divide of the light and dark side of the Force, as well as the predestination the Force entails. By the game's end, it is revealed she is the Sith Lord Darth Traya and is planning on destroying the Force, and she becomes the final boss of The Sith Lords. Kreia makes no more appearances in Star Wars fiction, though a miniature by Wizards of the Coast was released in August 2008, and she appears as an obtainable character in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes." From an interview with the lead designer, it seems that the goal for Kreia was to create a sympathetic Sith Lord. Also from Wikipedia: "After the player finds all the in-hiding Jedi Masters, Kreia will retake her mantle as a Sith Lord. If the player does not kill the Jedi, she will intervene when they attempt to cut the Exile off from the Force, draining the Jedi of the Force herself and killing them. If the player chooses to kill the Jedi, she will renounce the Exile. Either way, she will leave, and the player must hunt her to Malachor V, the site of such great atrocities and death that they caused a wound in the Force. Kreia seemingly plans on creating another wound in the Force there, deafening all to the Force and causing its "death", as well as potentially killing all those touched by it. The player faces Kreia, now "Darth Traya", as the final boss, and after she is defeated she offers to describe the future she foresees before dying." Here you can see a video of what happened during the Light Side Jedi Council confrontation. Kreia sure likes to monologue.... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v416Ri38O7g Throughout the game, I felt that Kreia was trying to manipulate the 'Exile' (your character) though but not necessarily with evil intentions in her eyes. In one aspect she wants to train you so that your strong enough to face Nihilus and Sion. Depending on your character's alignment and when you got to a certain level, she trained you on either light side or dark side prestige classes. Kreia is the only character immune to you affecting their influence level throughout the game. Her alignment stays neutral throughout. Some additional reading that I found very interesting: https://www.reddit.com/r/kotor/comments/6s9hmq/can_someone_please_explain_to_me_what_kreias/ https://www.reddit.com/r/kotor/comments/4ajb1i/was_anyone_else_pissed_as_heck_in_the_jedi_temple/ https://starwars.fandom.com/wiki/Kreia
  5. I have not seen this discussed here yet, but where does Kreia fall for getting legion approval? She seems to fall in a grey area. There are old posts on the Rebel Legion forums but at that time it seemed there was disagreement that she would fit there. From the story line, seeing Kreia as just a disguise for Darth Traya also does not seem to fit. What are your thoughts? It would be nice to be able to find a home for her in one of the legions if possible.
  6. I do not have a Revan, but Vader's Vault has a fairly nice Revan themed saber. Take a look at their Rev-n hilt. I used to have a Ultra Saber Shock, and upgraded to the Rev-n for my Darth Traya. She has a purple saber also.
  7. I went to 4 movie troops since Thursday night and was happy that my Second Sister was very well received. Several recognized who she was or at least that she was an Inquisitor. Visibility was fairly poor though especially in dark theater lobbies, so I am hoping that the new version of the helmet when I receive it will be a bit better.
  8. Now that we have better images, after the holidays I will start on upgrading this to use fabrics that closer match the in game renders. This includes remaking the jacket to use more of a ribbed knit fabric for both the black and red. Also making leggings using the same ribbed knit fabric. The cloak will most likely be a quilted canvas weave type fabric. I will be getting a new fiberglass helmet from Sam Wootton using his new model early next year. I will need to 3D print the new version of the bracers and the shoulder armor. Eventually would like to upgrade my boots to be the correct style. Eventually would like to upgrade my saber hit to look like the in game model vs the Black Series figure. Since it will take some type to get this all together I most likely will not be the first to submit this for approval, but I hope to do so sometime next year.
  9. I've been very quite here since I've been so focused on getting my build done for the Jedi: Fallen Order release last night. Attached are photos of my v1 version of the build based upon the limited pre-release information. The armor files are from Sam Wootton of JMSProps. He's been working on updates to the files that will be more screen accurate now that we have more images. The lightsaber is inspired by the version that comes with the Black Series Second Sister figure. The lightsaber halo and hilt extensions are highly modified from files I had for Seventh Sister hilt. The dual bladed lightsaber black hilt itself came from The Pach Store. Additional build and documentation discussions from others can be found on Facebook by searching for the 'Second Sisters Build Group'. Eventually I should update at least all of the armor pieces to be more screen accurate based on actual in game footage. Feel free to ask me any questions here though on the process I took so far to make this!
  10. The Second Sister, is another Inquisitor who first showed up in Darth Vader: Dark Lord of the Sith 19 and will be one of the antagonists in the upcoming Fallen Order video game. https://starwars.fandom.com/wiki/Second_Sister I am going to be working toward an initial build with the limited information we currently have for the game's release on Nov 15, 2019. I'm sure a number of things will need to change once we are able to work on a CRL after the game's release but I would like to have this initial build done by Halloween. Since I was originally going to build a Seventh Sister, I have fabric from the build that I'll be using here instead. I also recently purchased additional fabric to make the cape. 3D printer files are available for the hard parts (on Etsy), so I'm using these for the initial build. So far I have the helmet, shoulder armor, bracers (from my seventh sister build), belt buckle, and saber hilt circle (from Seventh Sister). I will modify the hilt as I know it is not the same as the Seventh Sister, but detailed pictures are not yet available. From what I can tell, it looks more aligned with the Grand Inquisitor's hilt. Attached is a picture of my helmet with everything glued together. I had to split it up so much due to the size of my printer so I'm going to have A LOT of post-processing work to do on it. Next step: fill and sand everything over the next couple of weeks.
  11. I decided to go with a semi-modified Rev-n from Vader's Vault. I requested the Brawler end instead of the standard one that comes with a stock Rev-n saber. Ultrasaber also has a saber called the 'Shock' that has an Old Republic look to it, but it is a larger saber than the Rev-n.
  12. I have an Ultrasaber Shock, and recently upgraded to a Vader's Vault Rev-n. They both have a Revan/Old Republic look to them. These were the closest that I could find for something that was not custom made. For the Rev-n, I changed out the pommel to something that was closer to the style of the Shock's pommel. You can see my Vader's Vault saber here in the last post:
  13. Not a problem. Here are a few photos.
  14. They are two different LEDs. When I ordered it, I selected the option where you can easily swap out the led part to whatever color you want. There is a clip on the led wires that let you do this. It is a bit hard to explain, but I can take a picture if that would be helpful.
  15. Just throwing this out there but I have a Ultra Saber Shock (with sound) that has both red and purple leds that can be swapped out that I'm going to be selling since I'm upgrading to a different saber. I would like it to go to a good home.
  16. What was wrong with the stl files? I believe I have the same ones but have not started printing yet. What layer height are you using? Are you printing in PLA? Thanks!
  17. I my census profile showed the same thing. My profile is: https://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=25297
  18. Requesting 501st and Detachment Access. SL-72172 https://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=25297 Thanks!
  19. I added more photos to my album for my 501st submission. Now I wait to see what I may need to change. Album: https://www.flickr.com/gp/jenmcnitt/3X6XD8
  20. My Treya is fairly close to being complete now! My first trial run for the costume was at Star Wars Celebration and I have a few things to tweak after that event. I received several good comments from others who attended the convention though. I'll post more pictures once I have my submission pictures ready. https://flic.kr/p/TNtVjE
  21. I am having some difficulty finding the right kind of boots so far. The boots I've found so far in the right style are mens, but they are too large. I wear a size 7.5 womens. Does anyone have a source suggestion? Thanks!
  22. I've started my investigation on how to build the various items for this costume, and I have a couple of questions that will help me get started: Is there a pattern that you recommend to start with for her gown? It looks fairly straightforward other than for the folds at the shoulders. I usually like to start with a pattern that I can adapt when possible though. What wig source have others used? Here is one option that I've considered: https://arda-wigs.com/shop/le-tigre-classic/ Should I go with the white or silver wig color? I've been looking into getting a saber from Ultra Sabers. Would the 'Shock' hilt be appropriate for her? http://www.ultrasabers.com/product-p/stunt-shock.htm It seems that it is similar to the 'KOTOR II' style, but I wanted to get your opinions. For the hair bands, am I assuming correctly that the band size height is what should change from top to bottom band? What type of closure have you found works the best for the black wide belt? I think that is it for now. Thank you!
  23. Greetings! My name is Jen, and I am working toward creating a couple costumes to join the Central Garrison. I would like to make both the Darth Traya and Visas Marr costumes with a goal of getting them 501st approved. I have a couple other friends who are members of the 501st and have been inspired by the work they do. I've been making costumes for a number of years, but these will be my first Star Wars specific costumes. In often lean toward making costumes based on video game characters so these two initially interested me. My goal is to have at least one done by Celebration next year if not both.
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