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  1. If the images can be traced to an official LFL source, I see no reason why it couldn't be made. With legit sources, it's no different than the approved McQuarrie TKs.
  2. Talon is one of the most daunting characters to do, and I admire anyone who even attempts to do the build. The amount of paint alone is mind boggling. Not sure about mylar, but I know several Mauls who had their heads cast and a template made for the facial tattoos for decreased application time and increased cleanliness of the tattoo lines. I'm sure a cast could be made in the same way with the tchun tchin sitting on your head for the proper shape if you wanted to go that route, though the process might be better researched either by checking out the Maul section of SLD or finding existing approved Talons through the 501st member gallery and contacting them or contacting ones posted on the TFE Facebook page in the member spotlight photos.
  3. Here are some more clipped shots from various in game screenshots from both KOTOR and KOTOR 2 showing the details of Revan's armor that I've collected from in game captures as well as other's captures. This one shows the overall details of the full outfit plus finer details on the mid section as well as capelet, and the drape of the hood and the shoulders. This one shows the ring setup on the ab/kidney plates as well as the "bunched" shoulders vs pleats, fully enclosed hood, "bunched" sleeves, very nice bracer side detail, chest ring attachments (not clips here!), O-ring set-up, the strip over the square-toed boots, and the not easily seen "red strip" that spans the entire circumference of the ab and kidney plates, and seems to match the sash fabric in color. More overall details showing the enclosed hood, hand plates, and the mask, similar details to the previous photo. This one show the "split skirt" design that shows either "puffy seams" or pleats are feasible based on the game files, with more shots of the full boots. While not the "Darth Revan" version, it does show a nice detail of the back of the upper armor with ring count.
  4. I totally forgot about those rings when I wrote my response! Definitely replace those if you go the MWA route. The majority of people I have seen use the nickel-plated rings from tandy leather (myself included on my scratch build), size depending on what you prefer (I'm pretty sure mine are the 2" diameter ones), and then many attach them with a little black leather/leather-like strap to the underside of the ab and kidney plates. so that it looks like these here:
  5. Yeah, it is a very common thing for the hoods not to be enclosed, though they should be. It's an issue I have had with MWA since the beginning, and even though I started with one, I completely replaced the parts for better accuracy. It has been approved many times (MWA holds the majority of approved Revans to date), though it isn't really accurate and many chose to make it more accurate down the line. Good luck on the boots!
  6. Most switch out the MWA rings for clips, but when you look at the original game files, the rings are actually pretty accurate. The hood of the MWA is not a complete enclosed hood, and the bracers are velcro when the files show a solid, single bracer. It makes for a decent minimum requirement approval. The majority use a Jack boot style black boot, though the files show a more squared off toe style. The latter is a bit more difficult to find, and it is not required to have the strap over the middle of the boot. The lightsaber hilt you linked will work as the game file is very lacking in details and most rely on the Star Wars Encyclopedia entry for Darth Revan that features his hilt.
  7. Welcome! If you have questions about Revan you can PM me or put an open post in the Revan section of the forums now that you have access and others can also assist.
  8. This is still a work in progress since the contest had no limitations, and the winning logo would run about $35-$40 with domestic shipping.
  9. We just did a run a few months ago with two different shirt options of the logo.
  10. We are glad you spoke up! We are doing our best to get things back on track and don't always notice right away when issues come up. The voices of the members often let us know before the system does, if it does at all, so we thank you!
  11. I now have access to assist in the approvals. As of tonight, you should have full detachment membership privileges!
  12. Greetings, non-approved members! We apologize for the silence but are working out an issue keeping us from approvals. It should be resolved here in the next few days (we were unaware of the isssue prior, and are doing what we can to fix the backlog). Please be patient while the issue is resolved as we are working as fast as possible!
  13. Not armor related necessarily, but my buddy Juan made this amazing logo for me and I wanted to share it. Granted, you can't tell in costume, but I have over 3' long dreads that I stuff in the hood and down under the back plate to troop, so he threw them in since they have coined many nicknames for my Revan.
  14. Which version are you working on?
  15. Long time since update, busy with school. The shoulders of the hood and the sleeves of my shirt slouched from a day worth of trooping, but here's a recent photo of the upgrades actually on me. Still utilizing MWA's O-Ring, mask, and sash until I can find some time to make my own. This is also after about 3 new paint jobs to the custom built armor. Trying to find a combination of metallics that changes metal effect with light variances as it does in the game. Some areas it looks like antique gold, antique copper, and an antique faded bronze. Very close to finding a good one.
  16. The old MyWickedArmor skirt came about 5 inches short of coming together in the back, this custom skirt meets! All I have to do is attach the belt and it sits beautifully under the armor, it hasn't moved once yet.
  17. Hardest part is trying to get flat, male-designed armor to cooperate with anatomy. Not much to do in the way of hips (very obvious from the side that I'm female, slightly obvious from the front), but the chest armor seems to generally sit perfectly so that it hides any sign of it. Still thinking about putting stiff lining in the next skirt we do so it stays puffed out a bit instead of following hip line so much with the weight of the sash over it.
  18. That's what I said! I've been staring at these stupid screenshots for years trying to break down the costume and I never noticed it until a few weeks ago.
  19. The ones I found go up mid calf on me. I am 5'10".
  20. I have been slowly but surely upgrading my approved Revan to look more like the game files and screen shots from KOTOR, and so far, I'm about 75-80% done. Also note, the mannequin I used to take photographs of is about 4" taller than I am, so the sash and skirt sit much farther down than they do on me. I actually took the screenshot files and sized them to my 5'10" female body form so that I could get accurate dimensions and locations for key armor parts and fabric lines. I started with a MyWickedArmor set in 2013, and have been replacing parts as I am able to build them, though I will be keeping the mask, mid-armor ribbed fabric, sash and waist strapping as he did a fantastic job on these. I've already: -replaced all soft parts minus cloak with a sheen fabric matching lighting effects in game -created single hood that encloses face and mask -created shoulders that were bunched and layered, but NOT pleated -created a new black draped sash/belt to match the rest of the soft parts -added accurate ring attachments of hood/shoulders to chest armor -built a new chest plate -built a new back plate -built solid, seamless gauntlets with stripping, ribbing, and false seam on exterior sides -built handplates -replaced rings with accurately sized and seamless rings -added ring straps to hold rings -added fabric strip matching sash at the bottom of the ab and kidney plates -added the piping to the shirt -added a collar -added white polish to the black square toe boots to create the "faded grey" look of the screenshots -added strap above arch on boots I need to: -get new cloak (seamstress has been out of town) -make a smooth ring for sash with indent in middle of ring -build ab and kidney plates -get non-pleated skirt made that more closely resembles a padding and stitch method to create a "puffy" section look -put electronics in lightsaber and weather hilt a bit more Below are photos of where he is at now. The paint color seems a bit wonky in the photos as I took them in my very yellow kitchen/dining room, but I managed to get a color shift that allows the antique gold, antique bronze, and the slight copper look to all shine through depending on what angle you are at, similar to the game. Then the back of the hood and shoulders showing the gathered/draped effect as well as the single piece hood that encloses the face/mask and the piping and collar of the shirt. Then the ring strap system and red fabric strip found on the bottom of the ab plate. The ring attachment of the hood/shoulders to the chest armor. The single piece gauntlets with strip down the center and ribbing at the top by wrist and the hand plates. The "faded grey" square toe boots with added arch strap. The hilt based on the "Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia" entry for Darth Revan's hilt. Some screenshots to compare detail. I should have him completed by the end of the year if all goes to plan! My boyfriend will be thankful to finally have somewhere to put his stuff XD. The hilt was made by Sabersmith for me and I painted the basics, though I'm going to add the weathering here soon. All soft parts were made by a friend in the Mountain Rebel Legion.
  21. I found these black square toe boots on eBay and put a white shoe polish to create the grey "washed" effect from the game files and added the strapping over the arch. I think they were polar fox or something like that. Very comfortable and accurate to the grey/square toe look of the files. http://imgur.com/I4Ds4V8,fy6eLhg#0 http://imgur.com/I4Ds4V8,fy6eLhg#1
  22. I glanced at the photos and thought I was looking at the Sideshow figure. Holy amazeballs! I had to do a doubletake!
  23. Pam, that was my thoughts. I am already making her, I was just curious to her "villain" rating because she is pretty light side, yet she defected from the Jedi and joined the Sith Empire.
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