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  1. I used the antique gold, copper, and bronze spray paints and did a 3 layer of bronze with full cure and light wet sanding between. Then, I did 1 final coat but before it dried, I....dusted (?) it with the gold and copper lightly. This allowed it to take on the effects of all 3 depending on what angle you are looking at it from. Granted, this method took forever to do, but the finished effect was well worth it.
  2. DarthValkyria


    Luciana Dotta DZ-27127 October 25th, 2021 Pride of the Brazil Division Garrison 501st
  3. Since I have been asked several times for different characters in GoH, both older and newly released, I'll make one post to hopefully help clear it up! 1. Yes, the current TFE Command and assigned LMOs for TFE support adding GoH versions of characters as eligible for TFE approval/new CRLs, SO LONG as there is a full 360 degrees of reference to show all the details. The view option in game makes that pretty much a non-issue, but we still need the highest resolution possible. 2. If the character in question already has an approved version in TFE, then a couple things can happen: a) If there are no differences between the approved version and the GoH version, then no new CRL is made and it is considered the same as the existing approval for said character. b) If there are differences between the approved version and the GoH version, then a new CRL can be made. In this case, it is considered a New to the Legion Work in Progress (NTTL WIP) and requires an entirely different approval process that includes the TFE Command Costume Staff and the TFE LMO directly. In this case (and any not already approved character, regardless of media source), it is recommended to contact the DL and LMOs directly so that the process can be set up and advisement can be given. In this case, you can contact the LMOs at LMO@501st.com and they will redirect to the proper folks, or email me directly at Nina501st@gmail.com and I can pull in our specific LMOs.
  4. Yeah that was my bad. I had just responded to two GoH threads and my dyslexic brain was stuck on that, lol.
  5. DarthValkyria


    Bobby Linn SL-13525 June 4th, 2021 Vitalant Donation Center
  6. Yeah, it all comes down to, "do they make the main character's lives difficult in completing their mission?" If you can argue that point, then there's relatively good chance, but given how light side he was, I'd call him Neutral Good vs True Neutral. Still would be great to see it!
  7. 1 - Leather is notorious for being hard to fit. 2 - Wigs are notorious for being pains, too! It looks fantastic overall, and I am happy to see another Legends character brought to life!
  8. Just saw the edit, CONGRATS! You can request for the Facebook Member group here if you haven't already.
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