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  1. Just now seeing this, but just to clarify, the pose that image uses is not straight. He is standing with one leg in front slightly.
  2. You'll want to follow directions in the post here for permissions. https://www.theflagshipeclipse.com/forums/index.php?/topic/1660-501stsld-andor-tfe-detachment-access-requests/
  3. I'm interested in the tendril person. Also, the 3rd Sister's name is Reva if it helps!
  4. To update folks, the UWD DL, SLD DL, and myself have been talking about the best placement for the KOR. Presently, we are in triple agreement that they would fit best in SLD given their affiliation at current version as force sensitives who work for Paply. This may change in the future, but it seems most effective to place them with Kylo for their present iterations.
  5. Given the slightly relaxed state of the current LMOs over Legends material, I'm revisiting the possibility of this one being approvable. So far, they seem very receptive to the idea given the tiny amount that isn't able to be seen.
  6. We generally don't like to break up characters of the same type like that, but that would come down to the LMOs. If multiple KOR characters are made and some are split to another Detachment because of source, alone, then it is going to get very confusing for applicants and members wanting to make a KOR.
  7. As a note, that hilt is not approvable. It belongs to the SWTOR version of Revan, and the non-game references. The KOTOR hilt is a double of the simplistic design if dual wielding.
  8. When posting a comment on mobile, there is an, "Add Files" button. When posting a comment on desktop, there is a, "Drag files here to attach" section.
  9. If you can find one with a lower heel, it would be preferable.
  10. I'm not sure what you are seeing, but if you send me a screenshot, we can figure it out. You are set as a Detachment Member here on the forums and are listed as a member in the 501st roster, so there shouldn't be anything expired.
  11. If you load the images to imgur you can post the links here. It will make it easier to understand what you're referring to exactly.
  12. As I stated after you harassed me on Messenger, you still need to provide reference images to show why something within the CRL should be changed. That does not and will not change because it does not come from me. It is an LMO requirement for them to unlock approved CRLs for editing, along with the text about the new change. It does not matter what vendor you list, their name will not override basic and required actions of the Legion a procedures. Please submit the requested references and text or we, as a Detachment, are unable to assist you in your request and the CRL will not change.
  13. Just a head's up. I went through and updated all the Garrison/Outpost and Squad fields in the profile section, so it should be up to date. If there are any that I am missing at a future update, just post here and I will add it.
  14. I updated it with the new ones (Swedish and Finish) a few weeks ago, but seems it reverted, so I'll re-add then this week!
  15. It's the perfect place to ask! I would say these would be acceptable for base level approval. Given the fact that the sides will be covered by the split skirt, I would say that the sides are fine as is so long as there are no embellishments on them. Just slap the strap on the top of the foot and you're good to go.
  16. If you click the gallery link at the top, it offers a closer view. The fabric is known as duck fabric and is a thick and heavy canvas.
  17. The soles should very much match the conservative heel and should not be more than like, 1/4-1/2 inch thick at most. Anything over that is considered platform.
  18. Just TFE for her. They have a TFE rank there, but it is not equivalent.
  19. It needs to match the approved references for the hilt. You can see options for that here: https://www.theflagshipeclipse.com/forums/index.php?/gallery/category/27-darth-revan-kotor/
  20. Somehow, I never even saw this post! That would be a tough one to gauge if you were still interested in application. I would say give it a few weeks to a month for the election to pass over and the (possibly) new cabinet of LMOs to get settled and changed over, and it can be brought to them to see where it would best go. I'd be more than happy to facilitate the communications with the LMOs, if so!
  21. It depends on the application of the title. I'm working on a specific version of the, "marketing" Inquisitor, but it is a specific individual reference with a complete outfit. These individuals have different outfit, "accessories", so it would be difficult to make it off a combination of them together.
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