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  1. rcompton

    Starting Revan

    Ok, that helps. I'm currently shopping around fabric outlets to find fabric. Trying to find something with some heft but breathes some. I hope to find enough to get enough for all of the soft goods. On another note how do you have the front and back halves of the armor connected
  2. rcompton

    Starting Revan

    Well ive found lots of pictures of it being worn, for the soft parts I was looking to see how the pieces are assembled, for example how the cape is pleated at the top (the part under the capelet) and how/ where the clasps are attached. I'm trying to get enough information like this for all the soft parts so when I get with the person who will be doing the sewing they will be able to understand what I need. The skirt seems pretty straight forward but the cape and capelet/hood I'm having difficulty getting it in my head what the areas hidden in the CRL are supposed to be formed like in order to get the visible areas to gather like they do. For the armor pieces I am planning to create a body mold and use some autobody experience to sculpt it in fiberglass.
  3. rcompton

    Starting Revan

    Well I'm starting a Revan build. Been spending a lot of time on research here and on the web. Does anyone have links or picts of each piece ? I would like to see them laid out instead of on someone. Any help would be appreciated as this will be my first submission.