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  1. Hey there fearless leader. Do we have a process for level 2 approval ?
  2. All done and ready to troop. Ready for level 2 approval.
  3. Hey all. I think the updates /upgrades are done. He’s a couple of photos from the work room. Just need to organize the photo shoot for submission. Going to apply for level two.
  4. Since my original Revan is grandfathered in with the new CRLs do I need to get new basic approval after making upgrade changes. Can I submit the improved version for level 2 approval after doing all the level 2 changes listed in the new CRL?
  5. Finally getting around to updating my Revan to the new CRL. Changes so far from the bottom up. new boots. Leather, square toe , cross strap, silver gray weathered. Split skirt to replace hakam abdomen and and kidney armor updated with red stripe, 2 in rings , repaint. rebuilt back armor and clasps replaced with rings on the chest armor silver weathering added to armor bridges. still working on vambraces aces to single piece and new hood and capelet. Still a work in progress , but progress is good. Hope to submit for new approval soon.
  6. I have heard that the caplet is no longer considered to be pleated as seen in the current CRL images. It this correct?
  7. As our leader has said "It's up to the mouse". That said at the moment CS is dealing with a cut in the size of the parades to 150 marchers (down from 200) as the mouse has said they were to long and an increasing number of members applying to march. Disney is also requesting more screen seen characters. At the moment all EU costumes are on hold (not just the ones from Flagship). If you are interested in SWW I suggest you sign on to the Florida boards so you can keep up with current info.
  8. Stay away from the CPS costume for this character. They do make some costumes that you can make 501st characters with, (flight suits, officers) But their Revan is not one. Read the posts in the Revan thread and the CRL. There are a number of good examples of how others have completed their costumes. As far as complete costumes, the only one I know of at present is the Wicked Armor. Even that one will require some modification before it's approved. Many who have made their own soft parts (me included) have used the trial and error method. Cutting and sewing until it looks right on you. So far I have not found any exact patterns for any of this costume Take your time and research. Ask questions. Lots of knowledge and experience on the boards.
  9. Try brushing on a thin coat of resin with double the normal amount of catalyst. This often will cure the first coat. You will need to work fast as it will set very quickly. Make sure your room temp is over 70 and be careful with fumes. There are some good Tutorials of the boards about using resin.
  10. Looks like you have a great start. One of the things I did was use cotton cord for the raised details. I glued it it place with liquid stitch then covere it with the next coat of poly. The cotton soaks up the resin and stiffens the whole project. I used bondo to smooth the details after it all set. Be sure to resin the inside as well. Thin coats are your friend. The more you put on the heavier it gets. Side note: I got notice today mine has been approved.
  11. Hi All. The word just came down. APPROVED!!! Now SL-4953..
  12. Thanks. You're right on with the mask . Had some great color variations after weathering but when I clear coated it they all evened out. So that's an upcoming project. Photos have been sent up to the GML so now we wait.
  13. Hey all! I think it's done.. Here's a link to the photos. http://s1212.photobucket.com/user/JW6350/slideshow/Revan%20submission%20photos
  14. Jamie, thanks for the kind words. It's definitely on with your Nihilus. Here's a couple of shots from last weekends test troop (lots of wind). Still a couple of issues, but almost there.
  15. Thanks for the encouragement. I need to tweak a few more things to make it more "troop-able" and then I'll send up photos.
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