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  1. I went with a zentai mask. (don't do that google search at work.) The only trick is finding one without a seam right across your face.
  2. For the quantity of silk, just going for rough estimates here. For mine we used roughly: 4 yards for the tunics. 3 yards for the inner skirt 2 yards for the outer skirt About half a yard for the Obi and about 7 yards total for the capes and hood. You can see how mine's made at http://www.chucrew.com/Nihilus/robes.html For the crown, you can see how mine was put together at: http://www.chucrew.com/Nihilus/hood.html I no longer make the hood pieces, but if it's something you're interested in, please drop me a PM and I'll put you in touch with a friend of mine who now makes them from my molds.
  3. that would probably do it, just want them to look black, doesn't matter overly much how you get it there
  4. Sorry, I've been swamped with real life and garrison stuff and just haven't been on here much in a while. A friend of mine, Darren, is making crown pieces for sale from the molds that we made to do my crown. He's reachable at dwsdesign@sbcglobal.net
  5. I think an arguement could be made for the specific members of Havoc Squad who did defect to the Imperial side to be done for the 501st, but that would be just the 4 (or 5, it's been too long since I've played to remember exactly) named face characters who defected. The Havoc squad guys in the trailers on the other hand, didnt' defect and remain with the Republic, just like the player character and NPCs that are added to Havoc Squad as you play TOR.
  6. Yes, the cape on this version attaches to the tunic along the front line of the shoulders.
  7. Only really seeing 2 things right now. 1. The gloves look to be too long to me. Should be about midway up your forearm instead of all the way to your elbow. 2. The "horns" or "crown" isn't correctly shaped at present. They're uneven and not tight enough, check out the game image and the way the fabric is rendered to have the bends and creases around the front of the horn area.
  8. Unfortunately I don't really have good news for you. It looks like your costume is currently a hybrid between the COTF and KOTOR2 versions. The KOTOR2 version looks like the version you were aiming for, so I'll advise in that direction. The upper body should look to be padded out to achieve the look of the game rendors. The upper body tunic doesn't have the cross over, it's pretty much just a straight top, with a neckline a lot more like a t-shirt. From the pics provided so far, that's where I would start. More pics showing details of the costume like the mask and the shoulders where the cape attaches, etc... would help.
  9. I keep laughing when I look at the picture. Because you've got the horn shape and capes looking great, but Nihilus looks strange in white.
  10. I've purchased several sabers from ultra sabers. Very nicely made, very bright LEDs, good pricing, and mine arrived quickly.
  11. I just watched Alien and Aliens, and that things is just creepy nifty in all the right ways
  12. Looks good, I'd say that your suit should be approveable as it sits right now. Some advice I'd pass on, not mandatory changes, but to really knock this suit out of the park. Give the belt another coat of black dye, it's just a bit brown (could just be the lighting in the pics.) Tug the belt down a little bit lower on you See if you can't get the mask to sit a little bit further back or the horns to sit just a bit further forward in relation to each other. Practice a menacing pose.
  13. I found Death Troopers disappointing. The only thing that made it a Star Wars novel was that they shoe horned Han and Chewie into it, otherwise it was just generic space horror. Except it wasn't a good horror story either, in my opinion. THe Fate of the Jedi books, I'd rate as worth reading. The later books are better than the early ones in the series. Republic Commando books were very good and did a great job of getting me interested and invested in the characters. the two The Old Republic books were well written. My all times favorite SW books though are the X-Wing series, both the Rogue and Wraith Squadron cycles.
  14. Since the size is based on what size strap runs through the back ring on those, I'd say you probably want the 5/8 size, the others would probably be really big.
  15. Looking good, I think you're going to need to add maybe an inch or two of padding to the hood to get your mask up high enough to line up right on your face. (Nose in the nose hole, mandible at the upper lip) I love seeing somebody making this costume themselves for themselves from the ground up.
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