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  1. CrimsonTalon

    Help for Darth Talon!

    It's alright, I did this a few weeks ago now. I used Reel Creations Alcohol based Red #2, then over the top the tattoos were done from stencils I created, then painted by hand with Acrylic Black/Pro-said. Turned out super well.
  2. CrimsonTalon

    Alema Rar

    Hello! I am still finishing the armor for my Darth Talon build, but I'm already thinking about my next Twi'lek from the Dark Side. I'd like to attempt a Twi'lek with more clothing coverage to save on paint and time for short/quick troops. I've started researching the non 501st (yet) character Alema Rar after she turns to the Dark Side. My question is, she is described as "She's missing a lekku, half of one foot, one arm is atrophied and hangs at her side, her body is misshapen and lumpy... the list of injuries goes on and on." How would one even do that? Or can I keep her mutilation a little tamer? There aren't many pictures of her but the reference one I was planning on using is. Thoughts???
  3. CrimsonTalon

    Help for Darth Talon!

    Hello! I am nearing the end of my Darth Talon build so that I can submit my application, hurray! After receiving my long latex lekku from Twilek Pam, my husband helped me paint them Red #2 from Reel Creations via airbrush. Before I start trying to add her lekku's tattoos I wanted to see what type of paint was used. Initially I had thought that I would use the black alcohol liquid paint from Reel Creations, but now I'm not sure if that would just cause the red to run? Thank you!