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  1. Revan material and patterns

    Hello there ! I used thick black cotton for my hood, cape and skirt. The cape is one simple rectangle. The height is the distance from your shoulders to the floor. The width is your shoulder witch x 3 so you can do the pleats. The cape is knife pleated, you can easily find a tutorial online, I recommend pinning the fabric to see how it looks, something sewing the pleat vertically can help give a better look. For the hood, I don't have a proper pattern. I started with a sort of tube (to enclose the head) that I progressively adjusted on the front to remove the excess of fabric. I did some simple knife pleat for the shoulder part. hope this help !
  2. Darth Revan mask

    I made everything myself ecept gloves, boots and mask. fabric is a thick black cotton and armor is hard and soft leather here are some wip pics https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Fj02hdtmweervFOLevfZZocHB35k8Rzu
  3. Darth Revan mask

    I got my mask from Virateck, a French 501st member who did a great work on it
  4. Is this a good vender??

    No vendor is "501st approved". The wicked armor is though the one on the pictures in the actual CRL (but the CRL has been recently updated with more precise features. I know some Revan used this armor as a base to modify later. I guess the older member may know more about this subject.
  5. Darth Revan WIP

    I built my own costume in a month in November/December but I'm far from an expert in my own judgement. I could still give you tips if you'd take them ! Remeber that here is the best place to get your advices cause many people walk by and can help you.
  6. Darth Revan (WIP)

    Hello mate and welcome in the Revan Section You seem to be planning your work way ahaead and that's great ! I personnaly used thick black cotton for the caplet, hood, and hakama. You can't really see it in the reference pisctures but the fabric seems smoother than rhino canvas. Concerning the boots and gloves, I ordered some on amazon and my boots are simple one from a regular shoe shop (hard to find decent neutral boots without a high heel ><) I will follow your thread to see your progresses good luck =)
  7. WIP Darth Revan for Ukrainian Outpost

    Welcome back and good luck for the costume ! I have nothing to add to the revious member pointing things to change, but I'll follow your progress !
  8. WIP Darth Revan

    Thanks a lot for your quick reaction ^^ Glad to be in the detachment !
  9. WIP Darth Revan

    Thanks a lot
  10. Hi there ! Freshly accepted as Revan : https://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=27006 I guess this qualify me for detachment access ? XO Edit: And you are also approved for Detachment Affiliation (on the 501st site), so you are able to vote, should there be a Detachment Election.
  11. WIP Darth Revan

    Sooooo my application was accepted today, I'lm thrilled and relieved at the same time ! i'm officially part of the French Garrison and wanted to thank you for the support, advices and kind words I'll stay around to help other whenever I can and I can't wait to start trooping with my comrades !
  12. Mara Jade WIP, literally beginning!

    Good luck I would recommand to go one piece at a time if you build them yourself, be patient, and don't rush things. Sometimes it's better to put your work down and think about it a while before coming back on it Don't forget to update us about your progress !
  13. Wow this is really awesome well done your build is amazing
  14. WIP Darth Revan

    Alright I see what you mean At the moment the leather is carved to give the aspect of ridges. I followed the advice of a friendly leather crafter to maybe them sturdier and will make some tests soon. The part about "connect both halved permanently" sounds great but I'm not sure about how my hand would fit in it I need to investigate more ! As for the ab armor, I realised hapilly that the only problem I have is that I wear the armor too low on the hips, lower than needed. So no need to redo the breast part, shortening the ab armor should be enough ! Still making progress