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  1. Hello from Washington State!

    Welcome and good luck for your nice project !
  2. WIP Darth Revan

    1. The mask is far too large in proportion to the costume. : Agreed, I definitely need to buy another. Maybe you know someone who can make them in europe ? (to avoid shipping cost ?) 2. The ab fabric strips are too wide and should be no more than maybe 5" height total. : At the moment, the strip are 3cm (1.18'') wide and the whole is 14 cm (5.5) wide, 3. The bracers look soft and the attachment method is not a seamless method as in the game files. Braces are the same material than the armor, hard leather with acrylique dark copper paint. I attach some close up. Any advice for the attach ? I don't think the leather is sturdy enough to hold without anything to hold them together. 4. The skirt is not pleated with the box-pleat style. THE CRL Speficy knif pleat so that what I went for. Should I redo it ? 5. Full gloves, including fingers, are required. Are there hand plates in the photo? I'm still waiting for my gloves to be delivered (they are a few days late...) The handplate are done but not fixed yet, so not on the picture. Thanks a lot for your time it really help to knkow where I am and where I'm going EDIT : about the knife pleat, I think I juste need some ironing to mark them better :D)
  3. Making of Mother Talzin costume

    Great challenge I'm eager to see more !
  4. WIP Darth Revan

    Thanks a lot for the precision, I kind of bought this one in a rush to have the full set ready for the release I'll make sure to modify or buy a proper one before applying for validation ^^ You may notice that I changed my hood, your "improvement" thread helped me a lot on this case, it was a bit tricky but sits better on shoulders and enclose the face ! Anyway I got a new camera thursday I should be able to lure my roomate into doing more detailled pictures of the full set !
  5. WIP Darth Revan

    Thanks for the advice ! I tried to use the same claps from the cloak and it seems okay for now (at least for personnal use before any validation ^^) I understand your concern about the black bridge but i'm not sure how to fix it without completely redoing the top armor. (still possible with some time though :p) I finished the Oring belt and fabric attached to it and finally sewed the hood altogether (would have been the first piece I started and the last I finished ^^ We took some pic outside (at night, and with a cell phone, not the best ^^). http://ibb.co/d1LLUb http://ibb.co/fEgc9b http://ibb.co/f7jx9b http://ibb.co/cJWNaG
  6. WIP Darth Revan

    OK Quick and important question ! I'm working on the back armor and I'm trying to figure how to attach back and front together. I have 6 more mucles (same as the one that attach the cloak to the armor and I'm wondering if I can use the same system to attach the sides together ? I've tried to glue them but it doesn't hold the pressure so I may have to use them externally or sex them with leather technic. Any tips ?
  7. WIP Darth Revan

    So here are some pic of my progress At the moment, the cape is done, Vambraces are done Hakama is done Boots are fitting nicely ^^ Big O RING is great but I need to finish the belt that attach it to the armor ^^ Top armor and belt armor are done (front and back) I just need to add a fixation system. I'm rebuilding the ab armor cause I want more flexibility and then I'll do it a bit wider. I still need to figure out how to attach it to the leather armor, stay tuned The mask has been delivered and it's wonderful The vision is a bit hard to handle at first but it's great to wear ! Hood is still in progress (can't believe this is what bother me the most xD) I'll try to finish it by this week end.
  8. Hello from Australia!

    Welcome ! We are several aspiring members building our Revan costume right now so it'll be nice to see how you manage it Good luck !
  9. WIP Darth Revan

    Updating faster than the speed of light (because I'm not really sure where I'm going...) Tonight I did one test vambrace and the belt with holes for the little rings. Not sure how I will attach them but it's a work in progress ^^ The vambrace hold with an elastic band glued and it holds nicely for the moment ^^ https://ibb.co/mfbRV6 https://ibb.co/jNfWxm https://ibb.co/kJ09iR https://ibb.co/gwRh3R
  10. WIP Darth Revan

    Aaaand another question. Is the shape of the armor mandatory ? I need to adjust it for my body shape and I'm wondering what could be approved/validated ? I'm not talking "boob armor" but curving the chest armor to be comfortable. We don't have a clear side view of the chest and the MWA version is clearly male-designed so I'm a bit lost on the subject.
  11. WIP Darth Revan

    So I'm back with the first layer of paint on the ring, I chose a pewter color that I was adviced to pick since its darker than plain silver or chrome. It will obviously be needing several layers but Im a bit concerned with the lines and holes that risk to be filled with paint and love their depth. Any advice in the matter ? https://ibb.co/cJ6VNm
  12. WIP Darth Revan

    Yesterday we made with a friend the O-Ring from "pate à modeler auto durcissante" (Google translate says : "self hardening modeling clay") and it was a nice first try imo ! The ring is not too heavy and is the perfect size (we got lucky to find a plastic ring the exact size I wanted). We also used to "plastic film and scotch" to create a 3d pattern of my chest (got to make room for these breast to not suffocate or deform your Armor ) I also made some tries of paint over leather (also new technic for me who usually practice the traditional colouring with dye) I wanted to use a first layer of chrome then a layer of copper to make the weathering more effective (could do some rays with a metallic look) but it seems the painted acrylic doesn't hold well on sprayed acrylic. I also did some "darker" copper tries to find the ring Colorado. I live this copper paint it's really shiny and metallic Pics still on the drive but I also managed to upload some in imgbb https://ibb.co/fZ2foR https://ibb.co/dU2foR https://ibb.co/kPT38R https://ibb.co/dm838R https://ibb.co/cykGTR
  13. WIP Darth Revan

    https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1Fj02hdtmweervFOLevfZZocHB35k8Rzu?usp=sharing Pic on a google folder until I can properly upload them ^^
  14. WIP Darth Revan

    Hi folks ! This is my work on Darth Revan, the mighty Sith. I'm eager to work and a bit terrorised to fail so my life is full of emotions theses days I started it on the 13th of November and plan on finishing it on the 13 of December for a special screening I want to attend with two friends (who will be also in costumes ^^) (so I created a google folder to stock the pictures cause my upload rate in absurdly low right now ^^ : https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1Fj02hdtmweervFOLevfZZocHB35k8Rzu?usp=sharing ) I found a nice fabric in a big fabric market in Paris that seemed okay for the hood and I bought a bunch more to try and to the hakama because why spare a challenge when you can (barely) afford ? I also baught some raw leather to make the armor, and thinner black armore for the middle part of the armor. I also find a nice pair of boots (kind of cheap) First I started with the hood, because it seemed the easiest part. Spoiler alert, it wasn't. I started with a prototype in another fabric to try and see how things went and how I should assemble the parts and it gave me this. That looked okay so I decided to cut in the real fabric and managed to do something like this : (bonus cat) The problem is that the pleat ar not really straight and the pleat don't cover nicely the one below, andthey aren't narrow enough for my liking. Long thing short I'm gonna redo this as soon as possible. I followed with the cloak and it was better, easier. I did a litlee bit of math to get sure I got enough fabric, pin it together, sew and it I like the look of it. I took some pictures of the first Hood with the cloak and it seems fine for nw but I'll change the hood. I follow with the hakama and followed this tutorial : http://thecosplaychronicles.blogspot.fr/2010/11/how-to-cosplay-making-hakama-simple-way.html It wasn't so hard once I get used to make the pleat so I managed it quite okay Now what's left ? Armore (back and front) : in hard leather Belt, in hard leather O ring in wood ? Gloves in thin leather or to buy Arm protection in hard leather Mask, probably to buy I really don't have the skill for this stuff Anyway this is it for now, I'll keep you folks up to date as soon as I make progress !
  15. Arrival in the Legion

    Thanks a lot for the welcome, I've already located the Darth Revan part and will quickly settle in ^^