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  1. COTF Nihilus WIP

    ELT This is the belt. I need to finish the edges on the outer belt with an edge slicker, but this is pretty much how it will look. Sorry for how dirty the mirror is in the last shot. And with that, I think all the pieces are set. I just need to get the last ones in from WA and put it all together.
  2. COTF Nihilus WIP

    I think that that is about it. Any thoughts or suggestions?
  3. COTF Nihilus WIP

    BELT This one is not complete, but I have the parts. If anyone has any design notes, I am interested to hear them. I did not like the flat buckle on the CRL, so I thought of this design instead. Inner belt is 2" leather, Outer belt is 1/2" leather. Inner belt overlaps in the back with a band for the excess. Outer belt wraps around it, secured by Chicago screws, and buckles in the back with a small buckle that will be concealed by the cape. First pic is the rough design, second and third are the parts.
  4. COTF Nihilus WIP

    SABER Nihilus hilt from Holochron Sabers. D-ring belt attachment. Activation button near D-ring. Unstable red day blade from Ripper Blades. Blade is removable. I may eventually pimp this out with sound, but as of now, it is a stunt model. Front: Back: Unlit: Lit: GLOVES These are just leather fencing gloves. I will polish out the slight stain on the one in the first image. Last one is a bit blury, but I was using t mostly just to show how far up my arm they come. BOOTS These are pretty standard size 12s. I don't know about the flap on the top. It won't be seen under the Hakama, but it if is a deal breaker, I can tuck it to the inside or cut it off.
  5. COTF Nihilus WIP

    I Figured I would copy my WIP thread from the 501st. I am waiting for several items to get in, but the maker has pretty detailed images, so I figured I might get these images up ASAP. They should be exactly as they will arrive to me. The following several components are/will be from Wicked Armor. Again, these images are theirs. I will do other parts in a second post. Since this is being done by commission, any input would be good as I might be able to correct issues before it ships without having to mod it after arrival. MASK Outer mask: Under Mask: Both Masks: CAPE/HOOD (connected at top) Front: Back: Hood: OUTER TUNIC Front: Back: INNER TUNIC (Arms sewn in) Front: Back: SKIRT/HAKAMA (Inner and outer sewn together) Front: Back: OBI (tied in back)
  6. Darth Nihilus voice program.

    CHIP is a little $7 mini computer. It is a lot like Arduino, except it has wifi, blutooth, and a standard speaker jack. A bit bigger than the micro, but I have one sitting around, so I might as well try.
  7. Darth Nihilus voice program.

    Hmmm. I wonder if I can do about the same thing with a CHIP.
  8. Darth Nihilus voice program.

    Probably just the code, but could you give me an idea of what the platform might run?
  9. Darth Nihilus sounds

    Got it. Thank you.
  10. Darth Nihilus voice program.

    As would I
  11. Darth Nihilus sounds

    I would also appreciate a copy if you would please.
  12. Introductions and Pending Forum Members

    Hello all, My name is James, but I am known on YouTube and on many forums as Darth Cephalus. My name comes from my two great loves: Star Wars and the Cthulhu Mythos. I have been active in the lightsaber and flow arts community for some time, but decided I would like to take the plunge and become part of the larger fan community. The 501st and their commitment to charity and fandom seemed like a good way to go. By trade, I am a college teacher and small business owner. On a personal level, I am a husband and father. Costumes and lightsaber duels are a big part of my family. I am currently working to build a Darth Nihilus costume. Nihilus has always fascinated me. He is a character unlike any others, and is probably the SW universe's closest thing to a Cthulhu Mythos character. I am working with Wicked Armor to get the costume. I am in Oregon, so will be attempting to join the Cloud City Garison.