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  1. DarthCephalus

    Bluetooth Nihilus voice changer

    Made me a bluetooth garble box to be able to make Nihilus sounds while in costume. All easy to come by parts, no fancy rigging or wires. Total cost less than $20 (not including the phone). Speaker goes under costume around neck. Phone goes in pocket. Remote goes in glove. Video proof of concept
  2. DarthCephalus

    Revan's Lightsaber

    Interesting. I had never seen that gallery. Thanks for the link. That saber is very different from the one on the main CRL.
  3. DarthCephalus

    Kyberlight saber

    That is probobly the closest they make. Not sure if it is close enough though. I can put those parts together more or less for you in a pic if you want something to send to your GML.
  4. DarthCephalus

    Revan's Lightsaber

    So you are talking about an in house gallery rather than the one on the main CRL databank? Is it this link? http://theflagshipeclipse.com/gallery/t ... p?album=22 because that is the only one I can find on here and it seems to not go anywhere.
  5. DarthCephalus

    Revan's Lightsaber

    Fair enough. I wouldn't say that it makes us lazy though. A lot of detachments have level one, two, and three or some such for increasing levels of accuracy on costume parts. In a saber that is seldom seen, that would not be unreasonable I would think. At any rate, for better accuracy, you are saying it is the image we should be following on the saber at this point rather than text? I thought the image was one of Rob's ABS 3D models. Since I am submitting for this one soon myself, I would like to clarify.
  6. DarthCephalus

    Revan's Lightsaber

    Not to be pedantic, but there is still some discrepancy there though. The photo reference has no gold or brass on the emitter though the text calls for it. The black series figure's saber has brass on the emitter but not on the pommel. Some of the game references even have black grip sections of the hilt. It gets confusing. As to what is available in the saber market, the VV Rev-N and the SF Fallen both have nobby pommels like the Ultrasabers guardian or scorpion pommel. If you put a guardian pommel on a shock LE you would have something almost exactly the same but bigger. None of them are gold that I have seen. The most screen accurate I have ever seen is a Rogue armory KOTOR hilt in the brass accent variant. That would be the ideal as far as I am concerned, but they are hard to come by. In terms of how strict the 501st is about complete accuracy on hilt designs, my experience talking to people has been they are not too strict about it. I would still be willing to bet that your GML would call the shock you were looking at close enough.
  7. DarthCephalus

    Revan's Lightsaber

    The CRL just says " The hilt midsection is silver, with the emitter head and back pommel sections showing gold or brass in color". The person I got my costume from was using an Aeon, which is barely the right shape. The Shock is a lot closer, though not as close as VV or SF. I just prefer the shock for the price point. You can check with your GML, but I think many of them give a lot of latitude for what is approvable for this hilt.
  8. DarthCephalus

    Revan's Lightsaber

    The Shock is close enough for a lot of the costumes that I have seen. I am planning to use one myself. Either get the LE or paint the gold accents yourself on a standard. The VV and SF models are a better match for his red one but a lot more expensive. Saberforge are the only ones who make the purple one though.
  9. DarthCephalus

    Revan WIP: once you go EU, you never go back

    Not in the pictures. I need to adjust that, but am wondering by how much. The CRL for this costume is odd to me in a few ways. It seems to contradict. It says rings on the breast plate but shows clips. It says the piping is visible just above the plate but then says the hood will be there. It says the hood encloses the face completely, but that is not the case in the picture as it dips below the armor just past the black portion. The CRL says the caplet is not pleated but every single one I have ever seen on an approved costume and the one in the picture is. Mostly I have been going by the pictures and other approved costumes more than the text.
  10. So I am on the books with a Nihilus, but once you go EU, you never go back. I have been working on it for a while, and I think I finally have a workable Revan. To get it, I have 2 Revans worth of parts. Will likely be looking to sell the extra sometime soon. I want to do a Becoming Revan video before I do so I can look at different parts from different makers. Still need to adjust a piece of Velcro, change the cape tie, and submit for approval, but more or less a finished product i think.
  11. DarthCephalus

    Trooping as Nihilus SL-97424

    One more. Squaring off against Vader: SL20461
  12. DarthCephalus

    Darth Nihilus voice program.

    That is within the scope of my abilities, so no problem there.
  13. DarthCephalus

    Trooping as Nihilus SL-97424

    ...and seen here getting ready for bed after a long day.
  14. DarthCephalus

    Trooping as Nihilus SL-97424

    And at the Eugene Con with my young apprentice (seen here as both Batman and Darth Vader).
  15. DarthCephalus

    Trooping as Nihilus SL-97424

    Last Jedi screening for country financial. Vader had to borrow my saber after his had a mishap.