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  1. Starkiller Dark Lords Armor?

    Also had another question. With the suit/jacket... did you make your own? And if so, out of what? I believe it was your thread that was mentioning pool liners? I tried to research more and was unable to find anything and your thread is using photobucket... which doesn't allow for third-party posts now (unless you pay to upgrade?!). I can make the other things easily (which some time lol), but the jacket was the only one I was concerned with at the moment (the vest part won't be that tough either)
  2. Starkiller Dark Lords Armor?

    Wow thank you very much! Hope he does unfinished products for a tad bit less, but if not then I'll continue to save up
  3. Hello from Tampa!!!

    I must say... you're a life saver! I've been compiling reference photos in the extreme case that I have to go through and create my helmet out of EVA foam lol. I have some experience in working with it, but thought I'd ask around here first. Thank you
  4. Starkiller Dark Lords Armor?

    I have made myself a intro thread and was directed here to ask more. I am new to the site, but currently making a TK. I've been just wondering if there's anyone I can talk to about possibly pricing around how much it would cost for the hard armor pieces of this costume? B
  5. Hello from Tampa!!!

    I did not see that, thank you so much
  6. Good morn-err *looks at clock* afternoon. The name's Btabc (Bryce) or just plain "B" (nickname that's stuck with me since I was a wee little imperial in training). I'm currently a TK awaiting approval, but I've always had another fascination for one of my favorite PSP games, The Force Unleashed. The main character was nice, but I cannot pull off the buzz cut like he can, however I noticed that my favorite costume doesn't mention a hair cut so I was thinking "yay"! The costume/armor I was looking into making is Starkiller: Dark Lord's Armor: https://databank.501st.com/databank/Costuming:SL_starkiller_darklord_armor HOWEVER this being said, I'm still in the researching phase so I have no idea who to contact for the hard armor pieces? I know with the other site I'm with there's a "Please no WTB threads" so this is not me wanting to buy, but asking if there's anyone who I can contact that makes the main hard armor parts? Thank you for your time, B