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  1. Darth maladi costume

    http://www.theflagshipeclipse.com/forums/index.php?/gallery/album/219-darth-maladi-build-thread/ ^ forgot the link!
  2. Darth maladi costume

    Hi Eme!! There are a number of photos of my Darth Maladi, including the headpiece in the Gallery section of the forums. I made the headpiece by hand moulding ABS plastic, and created the 3D embossing with an overlay of Foam. For paint; I use an alcohol based paint locally sourced in Australia and applied with an airbrush. But globally the Reel Creations paint is readily available.
  3. Darth Maladi Build Thread

    Progress shots of my Darth Maladi costume. Approved in 2016 - SL 21872
  4. Voice changers

    A fellow member of my garrison has managed to make voice changers - specifically for Kylo Ren costumers - but he might be able to provide some insight. You can check our his build thread through his Facebook page: Syldar - miscellaneous particulars.
  5. Zara's Darth Talon W.I.P and upgrades

    Assisted on a talon build; we modified a strapless bra. The bra provided the support, and a cover was sewn with leatherette and then permanently attached to the bra.
  6. do we have any chance of writing a CRL off what references we have in light of the fact we can't get any more?
  7. Nightsister Ventress WIP

    I've thoroughly enjoyed your updates on the LotL FB group: but seeing this thread has made me overjoyed! You've made amazing progress and I can't wait to see it finished!!
  8. Completed Darth Maladi

    Whoa! Lucky you getting away with the body suit over your arms; the CRL states all exposed skin is painted red!! My garrison wouldn't have a bar of it when I asked! Congrats!
  9. Approved: Darth Talon

    Woohoo!! Congratulations! Just one comment - Spirit gum may help reduce any movement or slip on the Lekku, but you may still want to paint up higher to avoid the little gap of colour on the forehead diamond tattoo. Upgrading the nip on the airbrush will make a huge different to application time too. Either way - enjoy every paint party you have from here on out! And welcome to the Legion!
  10. Maladi Build Thread

    Any guide for resolution of photos? I'm not due to kit up for a little while and would prefer to use exisiting photos if they are of a high enough quality. I cannot view the CRL forum topics? The link says I don't have permission.
  11. Maladi Build Thread

    As there are not very many Darth Maladi's, and a very incomplete CRL - who is the best person I can work with here to update the CRL with photos?
  12. I am very, very excited for this costume to be a CRL I've been stockpiling resource screenshots from the vid for a while now.
  13. Darth Zannah

    A member of my Garrison has been researching Darth Zannah and has been unable to find enough resources, even after purchasing the comics. She said that there was not enough description about her outfit, neither were there enough drawings - only headshots. I would love to see this character created into costume, and given a CRL! So if you find anything substantial references to create a CRL please post about them!