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  1. I have sent to the administrators 3 or 4 times (a couple of years I've been sending them) the pictures of Eleena but they have not been able to update it
  2. Currently no has response from Blur studios I do not know what else to do to get more references Does anyone know or have a friend who knows someone from Blur Studios (the creators of Atroxa's video)?
  3. Mails sended to Blur Studios. Thanks for the help Nina! Fingers crossed!!
  4. Hello, sorry for the delay, a lot of legion501st events! No response from Blur on facebook. http://www.blur.com/contact/ This is the contact page, do you think we could write to the emails asking for the images? I do not know what mail write, and I also fear that my English is not usefull for this, I tend to use short, direct phrases (like a robot) and I fear that they may feel impersonal and ignore it. Many times the translator only gets worse. Could you help me write an image request letter for Blur Studios? Thanks In other side. We can see that the back armor, nape armor and neck is identical to Eleena Daru but with red. We can suppose that the belt, on the other hand, is much simpler and have a buckle and eyelets all over its surface. If it had detonators or some other accessory in the back (we see that in the sides it does not carry anything...Could carry a laser saber hanger) could be added to the belt later. The red lines of the legs See the images of Eleena? On her legss he has two black wide stripes. For the red lines of Atroxa are on the sides of where those black stripes would be if Eleena, only that since it is all black they have not put another black fringe on it, but two red lines that delimit it Also the black pouches on the legs are same style Eleena, another color. maybe rubber against leather. But I think leather would also work My doubts are, on the upper right arm pouch and the ones on the gauntlets. They are seems metal, leather or rubber? The render uploaded by Kris is not totaly reliable in matters of texture or color, her eyes appear blue and the bandana does not look the same as in the video. I can see the bandana very similar to Eleena's. But covers her head and neck and has more spikes. And it does not have the two silver pieces around the center piece. In black instead of brown. We can see that the black jumpsuit has an area on the sleeves in the style of Darth Vader's jumpsuit. Above or below we can see the gloves that reach to the elbows, and the gauntlets above the glove covering them almost completely
  5. The response "I only got those photos from the studio I worked for at the time. I do not have access to the model anymore." sadness!! I try to contact with Blur Studios via facebook... again fingers crossed.
  6. I go to ask/request to Kris Kelly more reference images. Finger crossed
  7. Hello there, sometime ago I used some old parts of my Eleena and a black bodysuit for make a non-accurate Darth Atroxa from Star Wars - Old Republic. Not enough images in the video. Recently I found the 3D artist upload some images to the internet and assuming there are no more details in the back (we know Eleena's back and this character is very similar, she has a much simpler belt than her), could she has a CRL into the 501st? An awesome sith twi'lek outfit for the winter. I usually have to hear a lot of "Aayla Secura" and "Smurfette" from the public when I troop with Eleena .. and also "Amidala" or "the princess" Kris Kelly Digital Sculptor "For E3 2015 Blur Studios was asked again to create a Star Wars - Old Republic trailer for Electronic Arts. For this trailer a helped by texturing the character Twi'lek, a fan favorite, for the cinematic. I also modeled and textured tech gear added to her uniform. I also modeled and textured changes to a previous character brought back for this cinematic." http://www.kriskelly3d.com/portfolio/fallenempire.html https://www.artstation.com/artist/kriskelly3d https://www.artstation.com/artwork/38l1D https://www.artstation.com/artwork/gxgwx My non-accurate Atroxa:
  8. Hello dear. In the CRL can read: "Lekku has a spotted or marbled pattern in a different shade of blue." Sorry for the old photos where marbled spotted can't be see.
  9. Look the video tutorials from my youtube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdDiA-TaUFYj0o6eFJ285NA maybe can help
  10. Hello Femtrooper I also see the bra as a top-shirt, need to make straps not as thick (the number 4 is out of the chest and is in the torso). instead of sewing pieces maybe you need to use the method of shaping leather with water roguewedge, the straps in the hands They were inserted into the CRL as part of the armor are the: Hand Strap For 501st approval: A metallic strap encircles the hand, going between the thumb and index finger, and crossing the palm and back of the hand. The strap is approximately 2 cm wide.
  11. Yes, I like too. For more "dirty" o weathering can use black nail varnish, adheres perfect to aluminum.
  12. Wonderfull, you... your minions... make a good job! gift bananas for all!!!
  13. I was a bit scared of having say that these gloves are short, but I just read that for "short" arm is sufficient, *relieved sigh* If all goes well we will have another Darth Talon in 2015 !! continues like this
  14. Hello Darth Tyranna ALWAYS do a test allergy on your skin For Darth Talon bodypaint has my option http://www.twilekparadise.com/darth_tal ... paint.html a video in my channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdDiA- ... o6eFJ285NA will help you understand it better (the "Making-of Daesha lekku photoshoot videos") and Darth Talon Makeup with Sponge (without airbrush) In the face use the water makeup only. Can see the water resistant in this photos, a twi'lek in the sea https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set ... 089&type=3 I hope be useful
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