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  1. Progress update! Finished the tattoos on the lekku: This was taken before powdering them to reduce the shine. I forgot to share the tattoo diagram I'd drawn out for myself based on the various references In this picture you can see where I patched the tear with more silicone and these are how the tattoos look after powdering to reduce the shine: Next order of business was armor then, I'm using 4 mm and 6mm EVA foam for most of it and googly eyes as rivets! I ran my dremel over the pieces rapidly to give some lightsaber damage and then primed with plastidip: I used one of my silicone ear cones as a form to heat and stretch some worbla over for the ear cone armor. Ear cones need to be protected too! And now everything has gotten one coat of acrylic paint Once that first coat is fully dry I'm going to evaluate if it needs another coat of the gunmetal or if I should move on to weathering and such.
  2. Hello! I've started working on a Darth Talon build. First order of business was the lekku: I made a sculpt from wire, foil, tape, and monster clay Then I began painting on layers of silicone It really looks like a candy apple here Fresh from the mold (after a little patching to repair a tear) Video showing movement https://i.imgur.com/NRwGAbs.mp4 Started painting the tattoos: Going to paint more tattoos still but that's all for today!
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