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Sith Trooper

Guest Anonymous

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Guest Anonymous

From the waist down, movement would be fantastic. I have no idea how I could get the shoulders to move with me like that though. I'm planning on building the armor Pepakura style. There's an extremely basic model available for free that could get me started, but I would need to make some major modifications to make it accurate. Then, after finishing each piece, I'm going to try both aluminum cold casting and just making a cast to use in a vacuum form. The vacuum form piece would be painted with chrome. I'd like to have this costume done by CVI, so I'm not too worried about time lol. Really, it was seeing most of the people on this forum in person at CV and going to the EU costuming panel that inspired me to scratch build a costume instead of just gluing a kit together.

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Guest Anonymous

Technically this build should be put under the Special Ops forum, but for some reason they're not allowing new members to register. So I'll be posting my progress here. I'm starting on this but I'm also finishing up my Republic Commando so progress updates are likely to be few and far between (at least at first).

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Good morning,


Sith Troopers by internal definition would be the purview of the Special Ops Detachment. Special Operations Detachment is in the process of launching a new forum. Please contact DL Crazas (crazas1@racsa.co.cr) for details.


I have seen this armour done by one of my former Garrison mates, Donavon Larabel, TX 338. Years ago at Chicago Wizard World, 2006 maybe. However, I only caught I glimpse of his suit. Mysteriously he retired it. I was shocked that he never attempted tweak it for further troops.



The character is an easily approvable unit. The costume would need to be spot on. Make the armour right. Cut no corners. Chrome the stuff and figure out how to walk in it and you'll be on a good way. It might even be possible to make a costume that could be approved for 501st membership for under 1500 dollars.



Sound good to you? If so, you have my full support.


Be well,



PS There's no need for a CRL on a character that has no approved costume to represent it. Show us it can be done first. However, it would not hurt either. You can make a costume research list, formatted like the current visual CRL entries though. Might be a good tool.


There is a Red Chrome command Sith Trooper, and the standard Sith trooper in Silver Chrome. Both units use the same armour. (please note these detailed prerenders do not have the chrome effect applied, a costume based on these characters would need to be metalic chrome for 501st approval.)



Be well,


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Guest crazas

Thank's Thomas for pointing me to this topic.

In fact Sith troopers from KOTOR are covered by the Spec Ops Detachment.

You can find US in http://www.501stspecopsdet.net

Nobody so far has started working on this particular costume but we'll be willing to help you in whatever we can to turn this idea into a reality.




BTW here is the link

http://www.501stspecopsdet.net/forum/in ... #entry1299

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Guest Anonymous

Great costume!!!!

I began my work on this armor in this year. I have some parts - hand and forearm armor, shoulders, helmet - ready to be colored.


I'm making all parts from Fiberglass, it's cheap and failure does not hurt too much.

I will prepare some pics and more info for you...


Here is my helmet (first test)






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Guest Anonymous
And BTW it is a really impressive job!!

Haha thanks Crazas. But as I've only just started the shoulder I don't think too much can be said. I'm just making sure I have a really good foundation and that I know the costume really well.

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