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New Costume Assignments and Future Opportunities


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Here are the results for the last several costume request votes by LMOs for assignment to TFE:
Darth Talon (Galaxy of Heroes) - pass
Marrok - pass
The Great Mothers - pass
Morgan Elsbeth - pass
Joorus C'Baoth - fail (not 501st eligible)
Baylon Skoll - pass for 501st inclusion, still awaiting vote for TFE or SLD.
Shin Hati - pass for 501st inclusion, still awaiting vote for TFE or SLD.


This means that any future submissions for those that have passed will not need to go through another vote and will just need to be submitted for approval of the costume as a New to the Legion (NTTL). 


It is TFE policy to not start an official CRL of requirements until we have an approved costume as the intent is to get the costumer to build to the references with a WIP and guidance instead of building to text. Generally, CRLs have a habit of pigeon-holing people prior to a build. No matter how well you word a CRL, it will always be less accurate than the references, and it is my stance that we should build using the 100% accurate reference to get a realistic 90%+ accuracy first costume to use in the CRL. Strive for reference with realistic application.


At some point, SLD and TFE will need to sit down and hash out what our designations and new character assignment details will be, as the definitions are becoming more and more hazy as releases come. Both Detachments will be working with LMOs over this, and I will keep you updated as to what that will mean/result in. Rest assured that the TFE team will do our absolute best to represent our Detachment and ensure that we are given equal stance in opportunity for new characters as your representatives.

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