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2023/2024 LMO Team


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Hello everyone, I’m Daisy from the Dutch Garrison and together with Rikki I have been assigned as your LMO team for this term.

About Me:
My name is Daisy van Rijn, and this is my second term as a 501st  Legion Membership Officer. I have eight approved 501st costumes, four in the Rebel Legion and I have a Seventh Sister costume that I'm hoping to finish this year. I have been sewing since I was 19 and love sharing that acquired knowledge with others. I'm excited to be able to assist you this year with the TFE Detachment as I have a large love for the Old Republic Era.

What is an LMO? 
The Legion Membership Team is responsible for reviewing and processing applications for membership, and maintaining and updating member information in the Legion database. The Legion Membership Officers drives costume policies, including acceptable costume types for membership and setting standards for costume submissions, and are the final arbiter of member costume issues and approvals. The Legion Membership Officer supervises and advises Detachments, Garrison Membership Liaisons, and Garrison Web Liaisons on any questions or issues they may have with member’s costumes. Have a question about membership these are the folks to talk to!  

There are LMOs you can contact at any time at Legion Officers however Rikki and I are the ones who are assigned to the Imperial Gunnery Corps this term. 

Thinking of starting a NTTL (New to the Legion) Costume?
Please message the Detachment and me here as well as send a link to your build thread. I love researching new costumes and helping. 
Worried a costume may or may not be eligible for the Legion approval? https://databank.501st.com/databank/Costuming:CRLGuide See Character Approval
and New to the Legion Costumes (NTTL) sections for details.

For “New to the Legion” costumes please also have a look here:
Costuming Standards
Have a question?  Do not hesitate to message me. Get your references together and sent to  LMO (at) 501st (dot) com.

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