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New CRL templates for new costume submissions?


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Hello all,


I've been a member of the Legion for many years now (this year marks my 10th anniversary), but so far I only have 2 costumes, both a part of the Sith Lord Detachment (ROTS Vader and TFA Kylo).  I'm looking at possibly submitting a NEW costume for a never-before approved character, that I believe will best be aligned with the Flagship Eclipse Detachment.


My question is:  is there a CRL document "template" that would help me fill in the blanks around the costume details to capture, along with images, etc?  I mean, I can certainly download and try to "refit" a CRL, but I'm no "editor".  Basically, I'm wondering if we have a simple template document (PDF or MS Word for example) to use for consistency, so that when I submit my new CRL request with all possible details for your review, the new info is organized neatly for you to scrutinize and comment on.  I've searched all around the forums, but I didn't see such a "template" anywhere.  So I just thought I'd formally ask and see, and this seemed like the right place to do that.  :)


Any help or direction you can provide me would be greatly appreciated.




Jerry Sienkiewicz
501st Legion Member (SL-21972) since 2013
Carolina Garrison Lead Guard (GG) (2016-Present)
SL-21972 Darth Vader ROTS
DS-21972 Kylo Ren TFA
Charlotte, NC

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There isn't so much a template as there is heavy reference research beforehand. Since the CRL isn't made until we get a completed and approved costume, it's kind of a lot of work for the first costume. Not to mention, every character CRL has differences, so it's difficult to create one.


If you want to pm me we can work out the whole process for said character.



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