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Fifth Brother from Kenobi (Live Action): Research and Build Thread [Image Heavy]


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Hello everyone, Paolo (TR/ID-63613) of Canadian Garrison here. Ever since I saw the live action 5th Brother in Kenobi as played by Sung Kang, I’ve wanted to build the costume both as it is a very interesting piece of kit, and because as a person of Filipino-Chinese descent I feel that representation as an Asian person is very important to me. My goals for this thread is to collect information based on multiple sources to help develop the CRL. I would also like to build the costume myself, but considering I’ve never fabricated anything this complex from scratch, I will need to lean on everyone’s assistance and suggestions on how to do it!



I have 3 specific sources that I have pulled these images from:

  1. Pictures taken by Ermer Michelle Twaño and David Ryan from the Facebook build group. They have graciously allowed me to use their photos in their build thread.
  2. Screencaps from a series of Instagram videos from Quantum Creation FX (@quantumcreationfx), a costume, prop and FX company in Burbank, CA who built the screen costume used in the show. The 4 videos talk about a lot of the details in construction of the costume.
  3. Direct screen captures from Kenobi. Most of these are from episode 1 on Tatooine, as the 5th Brother’s appearances on Daiyu, Mapuzo and the Fortress Inquisitorius are lit in very low light and he’s very much in the background other than certain scenes.


Note: It appears that there is slight differences between the mannequin-displayed costume from Celebration and the costume showed in the Instagram video. When possible I will use Kenobi screengrabs to determine which variation was used on screen.


Dropbox link for photos: <in progress>




  • Overall shape is like a half-seashell. Rounded from front to back with rounded indents on the back left and back right. Hat is divided into 5 parts, a a center ridge with a vent-like greeblie (with 9x teeth) at the front under a slight overhang and flattens into the rear brim, two vent-like surfaces (6x teeth) starting from a few inches from the front brim, sweeping all the way to a few inches from the rear brim, and two “wings” separated by a slight indentation that stops right where the vents stop and connects to the end of the vents.
  • The rear indents have a red greeblie that lights up the same as all the other light-up red lights, per this screenshot, and is located in the middle of the indent. It appears that there is also a rounded impression to the lateral side of the red greeblie, but it is hard to see on-screen.  


  • The flat side of the helmet facing down is hard to see on-screen, but costume shots seem to show leather-like flaps surrounding the head, with two vent greeblies around where the temples go along with other indentations.


  • The texture seems to be similar to the other inquisitors- a rough black texture that is almost leather like. Instagram video mentions wrapping foam fabricated pieces in leather, but I don’t think that’s what was done with the hat.


Aviator Cap:


  • The cap encloses the head and leaves the face exposed. It is constructed from multiple pieces of black leather/leather-like material. The references can show the following parts clearly:
  1. Chin- note the silver metallic detail across this piece
  2. Cheek piece, with a second cheek piece on top.
  3. Forehead, in two parts. The bottom part tapers down to above the eyebrows. The top part goes to the hairline and connects to the top part of the cap.
  4. Ears, made of a perforated leather-like material. (Maybe same material as part of the gloves?) Note this is not present on the mannequin shots, and it is impossible to distinguish between the two on Kenobi screengrabs. 284999455_10227155496971831_8446165347475235949_n.jpg.c10ae68df2da58c92a613068b5e78705.jpg
  5. Half-moon detail on the top part, right above the ear part, around where the temples are.
  6. The back is harder to identify. It looks like 2 pieces, probably with a vertial slit that allows you to wear the darned thing. A strap goes from right to left to act as closure,  though in some of my images it goes from left-to right.
  • A piece of armour/solid material runs roughly from ear-to-ear at the back, probably closing the gap. (it reminds me of Cyclops’ visor tbh). There is a red recessed surface in the middle, which does not light up as per screengrab above.
  • Note the top-stitching on all leather panels, and I assume details are mirrored from one side to another.




  • Made of a black textured fabric… I have no clue what this kind of fabric would be called. It reminds me of the crush neoprene-like fabric for my Praetorian Guard black black pants. The Instagram video calls it “a 3D printed fabric”.
  • There is cording sewn into the fabric, or some sort of treatment done to make it look like a gasket along the neck.
  • There is a seam on the sides, and it tucks into the aviator cap and the shoulder+torso armour (possibly under the jumpsuit too). Unknown if the neckseal is stitched into the aviator cap, or is like a balaclava that just gets put on before the aviator cap.




  • There is a one-piece grey jumpsuit, made of a textured fabric. Its been speculated on the Facebook build page that this is a type of ripstop fabric, with square texturing. The Instagram video mentions a custom-made fabric from the UK, which is probably inaccessible to us.
  •  There is piping made from the same fabric in the following locations:
  1. Front, from the crotch extending up the middle. Possibly extending to the neckline to cover a zipper.
  2. At the front and back of both legs, extending from the bottom of the leg past the chest armour. Possibly this goes all the way back up to the shoulders, but we cannot be sure.
  • The arms seem to be quilted , approx. 1” down? Maybe this is just a topstitch?


  • The upper arms have fabric folds (7x) surrounding the bicep. It appears that this folding is limited to the upper arm and is probably sown as part of the jumpsuit.


  • There is an Imperial Cog made of metallic material (or maybe a silver-coloured leather?), set in a black leather circle. The circle is around 4” (I think, I am bad with estimating sizes) and is set from the middle of the 2nd fold from the bottom, to the 5th fold from the bottom. Both arms have this cog.



-        Coming soon

Chest and back armour:

-        Coming soon


-        Coming soon


-        Coming soon


-        Coming soon

Thigh armour:

-        Coming soon


-        Coming soon


-        Coming soon


-        Coming soon

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10 hours ago, DaygoErm said:

Thanks pare for this… definitely be following.  I already have the Helmet from DO3D.   Gonna test print it and see how it comes outS 

Sweet! Please let me know how it turns out too, I would like to start printing stuff as well.

8 hours ago, AphraCat said:

This is some amazing work so far!

Sent from my Pixel 6 using Tapatalk

Thank you, still have a long way to go so please keep an eye out :)

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