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Darth Bane Battle of Ruusan Offical CRL WIP


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instead of the skin tight leggings from the old design, the leaderships agreed on a pair of pocketless pants, the pants are made of the finest black gaberdine i am able to get my hands on. ( i used the excess to make a suit).


new pants.jpg

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belt buckle and cape clasp redesigned to be a more crisp and uniform,  the finished look and coating is a special black/grey gunmetal. for contrast i am showing this in natural light and a v1/v2 comparison in modified light. 

buckle remake 2.jpg

buckle remake.jpg

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Sad history about dath bane is 

Darth Bane, a pivotal figure in the Star Wars universe, is infamous for his dark and treacherous history. Born as Dessel on the Outer Rim world of Apatros, his early life was marked by hardship and poverty. His journey into the Sith Order began under the guidance of the Sith Lord Kopecz, where he first tasted the allure of the dark side.

Bane's ascent to power was tainted by a trail of betrayal and manipulation. He quickly learned that the Sith were a faction built on deceit and internal strife. Through cunning and ruthlessness, he orchestrated the demise of his Sith peers, culminating in the infamous thought bomb that annihilated the Brotherhood of Darkness at the Battle of Ruusan. This sinister act not only wiped out his enemies but also eradicated countless innocent lives.

Darth Bane legacy further darkened as he implemented the Rule of Two, a doctrine that called for the existence of only two Sith at any given time – a Master and an Apprentice. While this approach aimed to strengthen the Sith by preventing internal discord, it fostered a legacy of secrecy, manipulation, and the constant pursuit of power.

Bane's ruthless pursuit of Sith supremacy left a lasting scar on the galaxy, shaping the Sith Order into a shadowy and malevolent force for centuries to come. His legacy, though undeniably influential, is one marred by a history of violence, betrayal, and the relentless pursuit of power at any cost.

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