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Mara Jade (Black Bodysuit) build thread

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I think most of it looks good, although I’m not a judge for the legion. I would say that the inner thighs aren’t that clear from these pictures. You might want to take specific pictures of those areas as proof.

I do wonder a bit about the shinguards. To start they don’t look like they’re made of a hard material, but fabric. Because of that, you’re getting a bowing on the sides where it sorta points out. Typically with this style of the shinguards it’s the full circumference of the shin, not just in the front. They also seem to be sitting very high on the leg. Typically they end up covering any ankle seam on the boots. I don’t know if that would be enough to cause difficulties with approval, but they might.

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Hi! I dont think the buckles on the shin guards will clear. I do believe they have to be plastic or fiberglass as well. My holster did not clear d/t the snap on the back also. Where did you get your knee pads? They look great! I have to fix my shin guards and belt before I can resubmit. Looking for suggestions! I'm not skilled with leather.

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