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  1. Hello! Requesting 501st and detachment access. TKID 77214 Here is the link to my Arica (Blue Dress) page. I've just been approved so the pic has yet to be updated. Can provide reference pics if needed https://www.501st.com/members/displaymember.php?userID=33130&costumeID=66
  2. Like In my Arica thread. Pics taken but not submitted, I know I forgot my gloves bit outside of that.... what are your thoughts.... approvable? http://imgur.com/a/spGwUXX
  3. I'm gonna be blunt, I completely forgot to post my work here before submitting for approval but the local GML Already knows I have to retake some pics cause I forgot to put on the silver bracelets so I got some wiggle room So aside from the obvious bracelet issue, thoughts on the build? http://imgur.com/a/01tQ97V
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