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Mara Jade BTEH Bodysuit Poncho Outfit

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I've always been a fan of the bodysuit/poncho combo outfit that Mara Jade wears when she infiltrates Dequc's base in the bubble cliffs of Nezmi in Mara Jade: By the Emperor's Hand, and since there is no existing CRL for this, I am going to build it in hopes of developing the CRL. Right now, I'm in the research and planning stage. I directly reference some of the images below, but here is a link to a folder of all of the reference images I grabbed from my comic, organized by costume piece: https://home.mycloud.com/action/share/e9242a3e-430b-4c01-bc6e-9d03192d3051


20201011_143225.jpg.a2445c854a8d3b5a6f4e9b55b6996a53.jpg    image.png.dd7038c42c9eb9257f038c326741a621.png       



  • These appear to be the same kind of boots that go with the currently approved black bodysuit outfit. I've already got these - easy! 




  • Long sleeve, form-fitting, black in color. I'm going to build this as a stretch unitard.
  • Fabric has some definite sheen. I'm thinking a polyester-spandex blend will work well for this.


  • The bodysuit is not visible through the wide collar of the poncho, which tells me this suit has a scoop neck, further justifying my unitard choice


  • I've found a pattern that I think will work for this with some modifications - Jalie 2105. I will need to make the sleeves and pants full length and see if I can eliminate the back seam, because it bothers me. I'll also need to go through a few iterations of prototypes to custom size this for me because I'm super disproportionate :?

20201011_144330.jpg.dcc677c7fc0aca0f45a5e74ce2a239e2.jpg    20201011_154825.jpg.9da6865fb8992cf96a84ef49d6fddcd3.jpg

  • Each sleeve has a gray piece that wraps all around the wrist like a cuff and extends up the back of the lower arm to just above the elbow. This appears to be integrated with the suit, so I would insert it into the sleeve. In order to avoid a seam running up the middle of the extension, I will need to modify the sleeve pattern as shown below.

20201011_151302.jpg.8d454172266ee257c03f270bd8d0c0a4.jpg  20201011_154643.jpg.9c35151bce58638b5e7b403cabacf792.jpg



  • Gray color, slightly lighter than sleeve piece
  • Fabric appears to be super drapey, so I'm thinking jersey knit or maybe raw silk for this.
  • Collar is cowl-like. The top inch or two looks stiffer and stands up relatively straight. Area around collar pools and bunches.
  • Bottom cut of poncho at front and back is an inverted triangle. The tip of the triangle extends to about mid-belly height at front and back. At the sides, the length extends to a little above the elbow when the arm is bent or about 1/3 of the way up from elbow to shoulder when arm is straight.

20201011_160954.jpg.cae4d2ae321008098a8254478abbd85c.jpg  20201011_160740.jpg.6a0c09b8e0408d7f73bfcfe7f11b2592.jpg  20201011_160803.jpg.abacb317d6026b53a6723f472d38a8ed.jpg

  • Some thoughts on construction:

20201011_171221.jpg.fca129d2bc05239000012be76ea2b028.jpg  20201011_171240.jpg.70a9bc70136f09c9df78ecc234dd1beb.jpg



  • Red-gold color (orangey)
  • Center part on top, sides droop down to cover ears
  • Hair is braided from nape of neck, and braid length is a little longer than shoulder length.
  • "Tail" at end of braid is tucked under. When Mara is not fighting, the braid sits inside the collar of the poncho.

20201011_161911.jpg.f6b50be9ae4319d2c1b85193c9a48feb.jpg  20201011_162308.jpg.d409cb676516754888dd1a77becaa690.jpg

  • My Arda Buttercup wig in sunset color that I wear with my black bodysuit costume would be perfect for this if I bought another, but Arda wigs are so thick that the braid actually comes out super wide. I will search for something else...


Possible Optional Accessories

  • Lightsaber - same as black bodysuit costume. The lightsaber is actually depicted differently in this comic, it came out before the Decipher card images that established the "official" Mara Jade lightsaber design.
  • Blaster - Mara steals a holdout blaster that she uses for a little while, but I do not recognize the model.


  • Messenger bag - Mara carries a messenger bag for some of this section of the comic, but personally I would not want to carry this around while trooping (especially over one should like she does), so I would be against including this in the CRL, but if it needs to be included, I could take a stab at building it. *edit* - My husband just told me that he has been researching this bag without me knowing it and was planning on building it for me as an anniversary present, so now the bag is deffinitely happening :-D



So that's it for now! Next step is some fabric research at Joann's. Then I'll probably start prototyping the bodysuit. If anyone has any comments, please let me know!

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I went fabric shopping tonight, and here's what I came home with:


For the unitard, I think I found the perfect black fabric! It's an 82% nylon 18% spandex blend, and I love the sheen on it. I also bought a less expensive bathing suit liner to use as practice fabric. It's has a lower spandex content, so it's a little less stretchy, but I think it will do for dialing in the size and construction of the suit.

  20201015_194122.jpg.1fc640ae11a948d34f887be49a030109.jpg  20201015_162746.jpg.b70a192dee9e5a8838dd15c2b2099656.jpg


Finding something for the gray lower arm piece on the unitard was al little more difficult, so I came up with a couple options. I found a polyester/spandex fabric that has less sheen than the black. The color is also off a little from the comic. But I did buy that book 21 years ago now, so who knows if the color on the paper changed over time.

20201015_194207.jpg.e7e575b88a78de4943b7ca1090fb05f9.jpg  20201015_163536.jpg.c77a818f9145dc00cae63ba198ce6f21.jpg


Here's my other idea for the gray: I grabbed some of the exact same fabric as the black that I really like in white and a couple bottles of dye. I know the spandex won't take the dye, but the nylon will. I'm going to cut some coupons from the fabric and do some dye experimentation with different amounts of and different ratios of the two colors and see if I come up with one I like.



I did try to scope out some jersey knit as a potential poncho fabric, but Joann's had every color under the sun except gray. It does drape very nicely though! I have not decided between this and raw silk for this yet. The advantage to the raw silk is that it dyes really nicely if I don't find a color in the jersey knit I like. Who knows - maybe I'll make both and decide after the fact which I like better. For now, I have my trusty bolt of muslin that I can make prototype ponchos galore with until I have a design I'm happy with.


Next step - construction of the prototype unitard and alterations to achieve custom fit. 

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