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So I know that I am yet to complete my Darth Revan costume, due to being stalled for a good part of a year, and right now, due to moving . I will get back onto that later this year and i mostly know what i am doing for that. Between all this I decided last year that I would really like to do the ripped to shreds, Revan Reborn (or shadow of revan, not sure, the files just say, Revan) from the SWTOR Shadow of Revan expansion.









I will admit, I don't play the game, I don't like what they did with the character in it, but i do like the whole angry aesthetic going on with him. And I absolutely adore his lightsaber design (my all time favourite). I bought a swtor Revan saber (Ultimate Works RVJ) and it would be a damn shame to not be able to use it for a costume. So I have at least 1 part of this costume done. Just look at this magnificent thing


I have been collecting things on and off for the costume whenever I see something. Mostly second hand bits, like material and just recycling all my failures for my Darth Rev build for it. It's not really started just yet, but i was thinking it would be a good thing to do between waiting for stuff on my other costume and well, when I get bored or want to focus on something else.






I have only seen 1 other person with a completed Revan Reborn costume, and they did a damn good job of it to.


Revan Reborn costume by Shadowsprite


I have found a site that shows the 3d models for him, and also the Foundry (and the quest) versions of the normal SWTOR Revan. It's a great place to compare the models easily. They are essentially the same model but with slightly different textures and some part changes.


Revan Reborm 3d model- helmet on


Revan Reborm 3d model- face


[For comparison uses]


Foundery Revan 3d model- helmet on


Foundery Revan 3d model- face



Here are some of my findings:


  • The cinematics of Revan Reborn uses 2 different lightsaber hilts. The one on his left is his unique saber and the right side is the Yavin Force-Lords lightsaber which is a quest reward through the various quests from the Shadow of Revan expansion's faction, the Revanites. Given that this is the generic saber that shows up on cutscenes with various other characters, I would not consider this specific lightsaber hilt to be a definitive requirement, especially as he does use his own single hilt to fight singularly as well. It also does not have any makers of this hilt, so nobody would be able to buy one.


  • It is also apparently a common gripe that the the shadow of revan reborn armour set has substantially less quality textures than it's predecessor. Perhaps due to rushing the expansion,  many of the models parts are missing obvious extra surface textures the original had. Some of the obvious places are the gloves and the helmet. But some of the damage that is on the surfaces still hint at what the material might have been. There are obvious burn marks on parts not hard or metal.


  • There is also multiple instances and quests that show that Revan's mask, is a mask with only the front shown. Some of the models wear a full helmet but it's not seen by the player unless you buy the set, or you go into the file itself and look underneath the hood which obscures all of it apart from the face portion. The helmet actually uses the head itself as the mesh so it's smaller than an actual persons head could fit in. The entire thing is surrounded by a tight close fitting rim that does not allow any breathing, I also need to point out. (Could be a health/safety issue?) The ending visual with the boss fight ends with Revan's mask and lightsaber on the ground. It's heavily implied that it's a mask more than what you see on the model. The only time you see the actual helmet is when you, the player buys or acquires the costume outside of the character of Revan. With this in mind I would say to allow either a mask as shown in the game, or a helmet, if one chooses to use one. *NOTE*: I have double checked the 3d model and there is a physical black plane in between the front mask and the rest of the helmet behind the hood that is there to make it impossible to see the helmet directly behind it. I am going with this evidence to indicate it is within the creators intentions to block this from sight on purpose. This would support my hypothesis of them implying that Revan's mask is indeed a mask for him, even though the model itself wears the helmet portion, probably as I thought, with the intention of purchase of the armour set from the premium store as they can un-hood and reveal the helmet and show it off proper.



  • The gloves, or bracer portion of the gloves are leather, they have a very distinctive texture for it on the Foundry Revan that the Revan Reborn flat texture lacks, but they are burned black, meaning they are not a hard or metal surface. Their shape is also not round and they flare out slightly like the a pair of long gloves do. The connection from the hand and forearm portion has no ridges or show of being two separate pieces meaning they connect directly. Another person that created a swtor Revan costume on rebel legion also noted this in a proposed crl that they came to the same conclusion after the costume was done.


  • Both Revan models have a small ring at the front of their skirt rim that is hidden underneath the belt. It is lined by red. Neither changes between them.


  • The hood, looking at it from both models, and multiple angles, is most likely attached to the black/dark grey under tunic the person would wear, and not the back of the armour nor the cape or front. It goes over both the armour but also the cape and has no texture indicating it as a part of anything else but the under tunic. It's logistically impossible to be any of the other parts due to the way it is layered. it does not connect to the front or the sides of the front armour.


  • The Revan Reborn model has a 2nd forearm texture that consists of grey panels and red lines up the top that meet a pattern of white spirals and lines that go all the way down the arm to the wrist. On the right arm at a certain angle there seems to be a partial 3rd texture but it doesn't go anywhere and is only visible from a certain angle with Foundry Revan's red on it. The 2nd layer underneath is used to show if someone uses that set without any bracers on. The 3rd red one is a left over portion of a texture from Foundry Revan's 3d map.


  • The cape is 3 separate layers. (4 if you include the very top part that is just a shredded caplet on top) They join at the edges of the cape and show the torn parts of its layer on the inner part of the cape.


  • The Skirt consists of a red front portion, that looks to be 1-3 reverse box pleats that flange out at the bottom, as they expand when the skirt is extended. These are torn up and layered, reaching amost to the original length of the Foundry Revan's model. Next to it are 4 very small box pleats on both sides of the red portion. Two of them are ripped enough to fall out of their pleated form on either side. They are all ripped into different sized bunches, the left being to the knee of the character, the right falling to calf length. Next that attaches to the small pleats on each side is a normal skirt portion that eventually connects back to the small box pleats on the other end. This portion has various length, with the right side being longer than the left and the back being about the same length of the right. The right and back are about ankle height roughly, the left to knee height.  At the end of each set of the small box pleats is another layer that doubles over and covers the side and back portions of the skirt, following the identical pattern of the part underneath. This one on Revan Reborn model is sheered off to roughly where the belt of rings hangs lowest which is above the knee (on the right its directly underneath it). Foundry Revan has all of these layers, but intact.


  • On both models, the straps that hold the main large ring up on the front are attached to the skirt at the top directly, just under the red strip with the small ring. Not the belt, as most others that made Foundry Revan were doing. The same goes for the strap on the back of the skirt that runs down it to meet the belt of rings that go around the side of the character. This may make keeping your skirt up a little harder. XD



There are some interesting differences that I picked up between the two different models.:



  • Revan Reborn's belt is a flat texture with 5 very fine gold lines around it. A complete contrast to Foundry Revan's which is 7 segmented lines and has distinct shading and depth.


  • I'm not sure if Rebel Legion has an approved crl of the normal swtor Foundry Revan (I did see 1 person get approved way back but there is no current listing for him), but if they do they should put in that there are rings underneath each pouch and roll on the belt. And there is a identical back part that is under the diamond shaped belt buckle. He also has very decorative boots. None of these are present on the Revan Reborn version.


  • The 3rd bracer texture on Revan Reborn is the 2nd bracer texture on Foundry revan. But it has a complete one that has a copper (some colour as the chest armour) ring around its cuff.


  • Revan Reborn model is completely missing the red and black layer that attaches to the very back of the skirt on Foundry Revan. In that model, it holds the belt, but on Revan Reborn model there is only the belt and no sign of that red textured panel. I am not sure if that red panel was a part of the skirt or it's own separate part. But it does not have a it's own layer.


  • The skirt pleats on Foundry Revan have segmented lines running down them. The Revan Reborn model has none of these segments.


  • All of the straps/belts on the Revan Reborn model have been changed to silver/grey and are a wider width. This is with the exception of the  Y strap on the back armour that holds together via a ring between the end of the shoulder blades. These each are still black with the pale grey lines on each side. These still use the same texture as the Foundry Revan but appear to have been hastily re-textured around, thus the low resolution quality inconsistent look and design. Due to this, there is no logistical way for wider silver straps to turn into thinner black straps on the opposite side as it is a continuation from the front. This inconstancy could be solved simply by continuing the silver front straps onto the meeting ring on the back, then adding in a black strap running down the back as per the model. (nobody would even see the top of the straps connecting onto the ring anyway)



Things I am not quite sure about:



  • Those rolls on the back of the belt. I am not sure if they are intended to be round, or hexagonal. I always assumed it was a limitation of the vertices and they were intended to be round, but im really not sure.


  • The bronze part between the armour section and belt section moves. I don't know the technical name but it looks like a a corset, or a bustier. (Im gonna call it a corset, so i don't say (that thing') It stretches and shows full movement, meaning its composition is not a heavy leather not a hard portion, unlike Vindican that looks to be a metal part. It's also has no depth so it's not that thick either. It shows scoring and full on burn marks meaning it supports the idea it's not metal.


  • The chest armour. Part of this is a rigid surface, specifically the front, however it stretches and moves at the sides (which other swtor costume makers have noted too) so I would think it's a composite. Im really not sure. Foundary Revan had an easier time in so far as the sides were completely covered by black material so you could fudge the armour underneath them even though it is/was armour in reality. Revan Reborn does not have that option, so the whole armour is exposed except the mid back portion. As for the scarring along it's surface, it is a completely unique pattern all the way around, and I cannot see how to conceivably do this in a hard material. Because of the curve, it would be very hard to get into the armour if it were a rigid whole piece. Cutting it at the sides would break the distinct unique damage pattern and texture. From the detailing on it, I would almost say that foam is the way to go, if properly layered to be more durable. And it can in the thickness you'd probably need it to sculpt the details in. (if anyone has any ideas, I'd like to hear them.)


  • I also cannot tell what kind of surface it is. The 3d file shows a metallic under-layer added to it, but it's not very visible when watching the cinematics and comes off as flat. So I'm not sure the game runs the added metallic texture. It could be a leather like material or metal, or something else.


  • Not sure if the ring is flat or slightly rounded. The ding in it makes it appear as if it's slightly rounded though



Safety concerns:



  • Those antenna on the boxes on the arms, they will need to be foam or some other soft material. I am short and  my arms are well within children's head level. If I'm swinging my arms around in a mask with terrible visibility, I'm gonna be taking out eyes. :x Otherwise, I will mostly likely make them detachable so they can come off.


  • That helmet. 45+ degree Celsius days with a super tight fitting helmet you literally would not be able to breath in or having no ventilation... hmmm.






I have bought some 2nd hand handbags for all my leathery needs.


Gloves- I intend to sew up white strips of handbag with red parts of handbag in the pattern. I will then attach them to a pair of leather gloves I didn't end up using for the Darth Revan costume.


Boots- I have a spare pair of long black leather boots. I have acquired used red material. I will attach the various strips on them with other spare used handbag parts.


Big Ring- I have 2 possible ones. One is a foam ring I can sand down and fibreglass. The other is a unused aluminium ring i got for my Darth revan costume. I could flatten it out and also get some nice dame at the same time.


Small Rings- Bunnings. I also have 4 smaller wooden rings that are a big thicker for the ring on the back.


Belts- I have lots.


Armour Belts- I will buy some silver vinyl and cover some belts or if i find something appropriate 2nd hand.


Cape- I have 2 halloween capes I can use. Need a heavier layer as the base though.


Hood- It's a double layered hood. The Halloween capes I have have hoods attached. i will see if I can use them as they have the rough texture of those parts. Otherwise i will reuse my failed Darth Revan hood test sample


Belt- I have a wide grey belt in the colour.


Pouches- Red use handbag has some pouches in that size. Gonna cut them off and see if I can make them work. Otherwise, anyone have a pattern?


Rolls- Found some pipe in the exact shape of them. Will need some work but it could work.


Helmet/Mask- The easiest way would be to have someone 3d print one. But if it's just a mask, I wanted to try vac forming one instead. There is also the issue of head-size and if it's wrong in any way, then it's a useless print. Either way, I need to trash it up, and then install a red led on one side of the visor somehow.


Corset- (*laughs*) I have a couple of used items that I could work something off. This part will probably be a matter of finding something that works. I cannot see this not having some sort of foam for that stretchy detailing. I may use the material over foam method for part of it. Any suggestions?


Shoulder pads- These move. I prefer to Vac form them but I did find a 3d print file of them.


Forearm bricks- Foam? A carboard box with some paper mache details? A plastic container in that shape? Balsa wood? Either way they would need to be light.


Skirt- I'll use one of the 4 extra black skirts I have lying around. Add a red tabard part. I think it has a reverse box pleat in the center. But I could be wrong.


Tunic- I have plenty if tight black long sleeved tops I will have to add an extra ripped sleeze layer to the shoulders, and the light grey rimming on the chest and neck area. (and the hood if it attaches onto it)


Pants- I have a pair of tight black pants.


Balaclava- I will need to acquire a new one and add in the detailing onto it as the neck has it's own texture details. Im not sure if anyone would even see it, as my neck is so short.. but it's there...


Weathering-I will have to weather everything a fair bit after its constructed. It's more various grey tones, but they were black because parts of the black tone are seen in the various textures. I will have to test out levels of light spray bleaching, as most of what i have is cotton.



Ending note:



I will add in other observations and additions as i see and get to them. I am in the process of moving interstate at the moment so I can't officially start work on it for a couple of months.  If I don't end up getting to this for a while (or ever), i hope this will be a help for someone else.


What are peoples thoughts? Does it look doable? Any suggestions or concerns?






I will be adding more.

(Any instance I refer to the Foundry Revan, he will be on the right side of the images.)























(Ending scene after you defeat Revan Reborn boss fight)






















  • (this one is to compare the hood as it shows it open at the back.)




  • Mask/Helmet Front- what can be seen from hood




  • Mask/helmet- Black plane that prevents the helmet section being seen (look closely)










Upper Arms Sleeve-




  • (appears to be a duplicate texture)






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Might I say that I am incredibly impressed with the amount of research and work you've already put into this.


That being said, I look forward to seeing progress! 

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Since ive been locked down from the virus pandemic, ive decided to do some work on this costume with what ive managed to scrounge up so far. Not all of it is a match. But i'll work out what works from it.


Working on some gloves/bracers for now:




Since my interstate move was more or less a disaster, i still dont have a pc running yet nor access to any more materials for anything else. But i intend to update with more research when i get my pc operational again.


Ps: really happy with myself for doing all this research pre-move so i can go back to it. :D


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