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WIP: Second Sister


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The Second Sister, is another Inquisitor who first showed up in Darth Vader: Dark Lord of the Sith 19 and will be one of the antagonists in the upcoming Fallen Order video game.


I am going to  be working toward an initial build with the limited information we currently have for the game's release on Nov 15, 2019.   I'm sure a number of things will need to change once we are able to work on a CRL after the game's release but I would like to have this initial build done by Halloween.

Since I was originally going to build a Seventh Sister, I have fabric from the build that I'll be using here instead.   I also recently purchased additional fabric to make the cape.

3D printer files are available for the hard parts (on Etsy), so I'm using these for the initial build.    So far I have the helmet, shoulder armor, bracers (from my seventh sister build), belt buckle, and saber hilt circle (from Seventh Sister).     I will  modify the hilt  as I know it is not the same as the Seventh Sister, but detailed pictures are not yet available.    From what I can tell, it looks more aligned with the Grand Inquisitor's hilt.

Attached is a picture of my helmet with everything glued together.    I had to split it up so much due to the size of my printer so I'm going to have  A LOT of post-processing work to do on it.

Next step: fill and sand everything over the next couple of weeks.




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I've been very quite here since I've been so focused on getting my build done for the Jedi: Fallen Order release last night.


Attached are photos of my v1 version of the build based upon the limited pre-release information.    The armor files are from Sam Wootton of JMSProps.   He's been working on updates to the files that will be more screen accurate now that we have more images.


The lightsaber is inspired by the version that comes with the Black Series Second Sister figure.  The lightsaber halo and hilt extensions are highly modified from files I had for Seventh Sister hilt.   The dual bladed lightsaber black hilt itself came from The Pach Store.


Additional build and documentation discussions from others can be found on Facebook by searching for the 'Second Sisters Build Group'.


Eventually I should update at least all of the armor pieces to be more screen accurate based on actual in game footage.   


Feel free to ask me any questions here though on the process I took so far to make this!








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Now that we have better images, after the holidays I will start on upgrading this to use fabrics that closer match the in game renders.


This includes remaking the jacket to use more of a ribbed knit fabric for both the black and red.  Also making leggings using the same ribbed knit fabric.

The cloak will most likely be a quilted canvas weave type fabric.


I will be getting a new fiberglass helmet from Sam Wootton using his new model early next year.

I will need to 3D print the new version of the bracers and the shoulder armor.


Eventually would like to upgrade my boots to be the correct style.

Eventually would like to upgrade my saber hit to look like the in game model vs the Black Series figure.


Since it will take some type to get this all together I most likely will not be the first to submit this for approval, but I hope to do so sometime next year.

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I went to 4 movie troops since Thursday night and was happy that my Second Sister was very well received.  Several recognized who she was or at least that she was an Inquisitor.  

Visibility was fairly poor though especially in dark theater lobbies, so I am hoping that the new version of the helmet when I receive it will be a bit better. 




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