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Nihilus from OutcastProps

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What do you think about Nihilus cosume from this vendor? 

I'm trying to convince my friend to make Nihilus, and he was thinking about MWA, but it needs many modification. What do you think about this one?

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I am no expert on the subject yet, but here are some small input from my side. (feel free to correct me if I am wrong on any point)

* The hood has no knot, as it should have.

* The hood seems a bit to big IMO.

* You will have to add a hard blackout mask since Nihilus needs a mouth now.

* The quilts seem to be a bit far apart IMO.

* The quilted fabric does not seem to differ from the fabric of the rest of the costume, as it should according to CRL.

* I think the fabric is a bit to smooth for Nihilus old appearance.

* The cape needs to be adjusted to not hang so much over the arms.

* The boots on the pictures are not plain black boots and has visible straps, buckles, or laces. (not sure if the boots was included or not, I did not read the instructions).

* The belt and gloves could use some weathering, but that is a simple fix.

Hope this input helps in the process :)

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Hola!Tengo un traje de este fabricante...las fotos no son exactas.La capucha trae nudo y proporcionan la máscara y máscara interior .La tela de los brazos es más gorda y está acolchada y cosida,el resto es tela de buena calidad ,de hecho el traje ser nuevo está muy rígido,al lavarse supongo que quedará más "suelto".

Eso sí,necesita algunos ajustes tanto de capucha como de capa para quedar listo según CRL.Obi,cinturón de cuero y guantes perfectos.


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