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COTF Nihilus CRL wording question

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Hey everyone!  I have a question about some wording in the CRL.  Have been arguing about this with a couple of my local members.

I bought a COTF Nihilus costume from another approved member, and its amazing! 

I just want to make sure i'm reading the CRL correctly (this is REALLY overthinking on this one, and i apologize for that)

"The cape falls no less than approximately two in. (5 cm) from the ground."

"The outer skirt hangs no less than 1 inch (2cm) from the floor with the lower edge heavily tattered."

its the "no less than approx 2 from the ground" that has me in a pickle.  If its "no less than" then 3 is no less than 2.  10 is no less than 2.  that's the same as "more than."  (yes...i hate being that guy right now)

I thought the cape was supposed to be floor length, and assumed I would possibly have to lengthen it if it wasn't, but by this reading, its not supposed to be.

The wording on the inner skirt is specifically different:

"The skirt is floor length, no more than one inch from the ground and longer than the outer skirt."

That "NO MORE THAN one inch FROM THE GROUND" reads the opposite of "NO LESS THAN approx 2 FROM THE GROUND"   

Help me, Lords of Hunger.  You're my only hope.

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I agree that the wording can be misleading.  We could definitely look into that to make sure it's more clear in the future. 

I personally have my cape and skirt just barely touching the ground. 

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