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KOTRII Fabric Question


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Hi all! I was comissioned by Lorilei to make the KOTRII Visas Marr, which I'm really excited about doing. I've made the Unseen, Unheard version and am an approved member with that version, but I've never actually made the KOTR II Version. 

Browsing on here, I had a few questions about the color Red needed for the dress. When I see the word "Dark Red", I personally think like Crimson or Dried Blood kind of red, but I was noticing some of the pictures on here seem almost like just red. 

So I have a couple of fabrics swatches to compare. First is the 4 swatches without flash and with flash. 

No Flash

44052735302_eb3cb95ec8.jpgwithout flash by Tabitha McCurdy, on Flickr

With Flash

30233439638_2b2010a5c3.jpgwith flash by Tabitha McCurdy, on Flickr

Personally, I like swatch 3. The feel and weight of it are really nice (I almost want to switch over it completely for all my Visas Marr comissions). But I'm not sure on the color. I almost think the color of Swatch 4 is better. 

I make this outfit regularly, but like I said, I usually do the Unseen Unheard version, so the fabric I have in stock for the sash is kind of a dark red. The follow pics compare the samples I like to the sash fabric I have on hand. 

Without Flash

44052735792_c157ee76ba.jpgsash without flash by Tabitha McCurdy, on Flickr

With Flash

30233439868_f4109e21c3.jpgsash with flash by Tabitha McCurdy, on Flickr

Again, I'm kinda of leaning toward swatch 3, but I think 4 would propbably be the best. 

Thank you so much for your opinions! 

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My KOTOR dress is made with a discontinued crepe-back satin in a color called Bordeaux. It’s a blue-toned red, almost but not quite a burgundy. It’s more red than my Unseen version. 

Here are the two fabrics, side by side:



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