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  1. I think before you repaint that yourself that you should contact her and ask her to redo it with the pattern you asked her to do it with. Same thing with the gloves. You paid her to give you an approvable Visas Marr, and you gave her your measurements. So why are you spending money on paint and new gloves from Spirit Halloween when you paid her to make these things for you already? Just my opinion.
  2. One thing I didn't realize when I ordered my costume from her is that the CRLs for the 501st and Rebel Legions appear to be identical, but they're not. I told Tabitha I was going for 501st approval and didn't mention the Rebel Legion. My costume got approved by the 501st but it got knocked down by the Rebel Legion because the gloves have five stripes on them. The 501st CRL says, "four or five" stripes, but even though the Rebel Legion has the same photos and what appears to be the same exact language/text, the Rebel Legion has changed little things like the acceptable number of stripes on the gloves
  3. Requesting access to the 501st and TFE restricted sections. My Visas Marr KOTOR II costume was approved yesterday! https://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=28980 Donesies! -DL
  4. The lipstick drove me crazy when my husband took my approval photos on Sunday. I put it on so dark, yet in my original set of photos (in front of the blue blanket) it doesn’t look like I have any on at all! So I smeared a ton of it on and even though my teeth had chunks of Vaseline on them, all of my teeth were red and pink so I did a closed-mouth smile for my bucket off photo. Below is the link to the photos I submitted. I understand there may be a significant issue with the costume, which someone else here in the Flagship Eclipse sent me a personal message about. We are going to wait and see what my Garrison GML says. Someone in my Garrison who is not the GML but was my costume advisor when I was joining thought something might be said about the light saber. So I dunno. I cried twice already even though I haven’t heard anything from the Garrison GML yet because that’s just how I am. I am both hopeful and planning any potential corrective actions at the same time so I am not crushed no matter what the GML comes back and says. I am very thankful for the love I am feeling here at the Flagship Eclipse. http://imgur.com/a/c8ipYOw
  5. OK. I sent them on to the GML. My advisor told me he thinks the boots and the light saber are going to be an issue. The light saber is the Ultra Sabers Shock, so I don’t understand why it would be an issue. If the boots are an issue, I have another pair. But I’m going to be REALLY upset about the light saber. The person who made the one in the CRL doesn’t even make them anymore.
  6. Here's the link to my submission photos. I sent the the link to the Garrison Carida costume advisor who helped me with my Jawa for his opinion before I send the link to my GML. I was so mad when I realized that my lipstick didn't look dark enough in the original set of photos. I left the originals for non-veil pictures and then retook the veil pictures with the lipstick slathered on darker. Why can't anything go right the first time? Sigh. Please tell me what you all think. https://imgur.com/a/c8ipYOw
  7. You just made my day! These are going to be so comfortable to troop in!
  8. I did buy a pair of boots, but now I see these in the store and I think I like them better. But they are only mid-calf. But my dress goes to the ankles anyway. Do you think these would be acceptable? Are they too scrunchy? http://imgur.com/a/s9U5sU0
  9. I ordered a Senegence 24 hour with the gloss, too, but it hasn’t arrived yet and I want to take advantage of the good weather this weekend and have my husband take my photos. The only photos I have right now are of me where I just threw the costume on real quick on Wednesday night when the costume arrived to check the fit. I’ll share the nice photos here this weekend.
  10. My Visas Marr is done except I didn’t buy lipstick. I’m in the US. Is there any particular shade and brand that meets the CRL? I plan on going to my local Sephora and CVS tonight after work and compare the CRL photo on my phone with what’s in the store. My complexion is extremely pale and translucent Caucasian and my natural lips are pale red.
  11. Yes, a picture would be helpful, if it's not too much trouble.
  12. If I were buying one today, I'd jump on that. Out of curiosity, Are these two different blades that you have, or does the saber have the RBG board?
  13. Thanks everyone for your input. <3 I want the Vader's Vault REV-N, but I may end up with the Ultra Sabers Shock for price reasons.
  14. https://ultrasabers.com/product/savior/
  15. Thank you VERY much! Out of curiosity, the Ultra Sabers Savior is somewhat close to the Vader's Vault REV-N, but you have to choose a color accent. The gold is Darth Revan's, so I was looking at the black. But the black hides the bands. Do you think that one would not be approvable for Visas Marr? (Why the heck couldn't they just do one all silver? AAAAGGHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!)
  16. Hi all. Visas Mar costume has been commissioned and while that's being made I'm looking at lightsabers. I'm literally at the point of tears. OK, to be honest, I did cry already, but only because I spent too many hours at one time looking until I got confused and everything started to look the same. Every time I think I find one that meets the CRL for the emitter area, I realize it's too Darth Revan-ish. Every time I find one with the bands just being towards the emitter and not all down the handle, the emitter is all wrong and it doesn't appear there's a way to change or add to the emitter. And some of them have pommels that are way off and it doesn't appear that there are options to change the pommel. For fully customizable sabers, I don't think Kyberlight offers much and what they offer doesn't seem to be what I need. These are the ones I've seen that I've considered: The Ultra Sabers Shock The Ultra Sabers Arbiter The Ultra Sabers Savior With Black Accents The Ultra Sabers Liberator V3 The Ultra Sabers Standard Issue Battle Saber V3 The Saber Forge Adamant The Saber Forge Fallen A Kyberlight saber with the silver shroud, plasmafier, and pulsar pommel accessories The Vader's Vault REV-N Standard I also found this on etsy, but I'm afraid to take a risk on something that isn't manufactured by a saber business that's been around for a while, and this saber is 3D printed but costs as much as one from the aforementioned businesses. Not that that's necessarily a bad thing, but I can't afford a $300.00 mistake. Has anyone ever purchased a saber from this etsy shop? They said that they could make the hilt silver for me and not black. I am absolutely in love with Ultra Sabers Savior with black accents, but I don't think the black replacing the gold is enough to make it stop screaming, "VISAS MARR STOLE DARTH REVAN'S LIGHTSABER! GET HER!" Or is it? If I could find a way to replace the pommel on that one, does it come close enough to the one in the CRL then? Any and all opinions and comments are welcome. I've managed to take something that should be fun and make it painful by researching nonstop for a solid week and need to step back and occupy myself with something else for a while. I'm at the point where everything looks like it matches while at the same time everything looks wrong. I don't want a passable saber; I want the best one possible.
  17. Thanks for posting! I'm excited! I hope someone answers about the fabric.
  18. YAY! I was hoping that would be the answer! I have wide calves, so I don't have as many options as other people.
  19. I have a question about the boots for the Visas Marr costume. The CRL says the boots can not have any visible laces or buckles. Are boots that have buckles/straps that are only all the way at the top of boots at the calf opening acceptable, since those won't be visible because that part is under the dress?
  20. I decided to start with a Jawa for my 501st acceptance costume so I can take a loooong time to do Visas Marr right without feeling like a failure.
  21. I would so be thrilled if the 501st would consider a Generic Sith!
  22. What kind of material are you using so that it's see through but doesn't look see through?
  23. I have spent an enormous amount of time and energy on websites, in private conversations with many costumers from various sites including etsy, in conversations with people I know personally who worked on costumes for Madame Tussads, people I know personally who are comic book artists, people I know personally who are professional cosplayers, etc. trying to get info. and prices to get started on this costume. Mind numbing doesn't even begin to describe it. Exhausting doesn't even begin to describe it. All I can do is sigh because I don't want to cry and I don't want a migraine. I have spent hours every night after work and almost my entire weekend on this. My husband is already annoyed and has labeled me "obsessed." As for the KC, yes, I am looking into the Jawa and have been waiting over a week to get approved to post in their forums. And yes, I have tried reaching out to them regarding the wait as well.
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