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*IMPORTANT: PLEASE READ*! Detachment Membership Information

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Greetings and salutations, forum members!

One thing that I want to stress and inform about in this post is Detachment Membership. As part of the detachment, you have access to many benefits not available to regular 501st members, but the benefits are not automatic.

Per the 501st Operations and Protocols,

"Formal membership, voting rights, and eligibility for office in a detachment requires that a Legion member be active, own a qualifying costume as represented by the detachment, and have the corresponding costume designation in his/her profile. The approval of said costume is, however, still the purview of the LMO. Ownership of a qualifying costume is verified annually as part of the Legion census. Membership in a detachment is optional, and you can be a member of more than one detachment. Membership is initiated by the Legion member when the above criteria is met and they register on the detachment's forum. Active status is maintained by logging onto said forum once a year. Failing this, the member becomes an inactive member of the detachment. All that is required to be reactivated is to once again log in."

What this means is that, in order to vote in elections, you must have an active account on THIS forum (e.g. logged in within the last 365 days), AND be on the 501st Membership DB under the detachment roster. 

*NOTE* You do NOT need to be in the 501st Membership DB to buy merch or participate in Member Programs, but you DO need to be registered here and be at least Detachment Member rank.

So, how do you go about completing these steps? Well, I'm glad you asked! Below is a quick and detailed setup to get you going.

TFE Forums Membership

First and foremost, make sure that your information is updated with your TKID, 501st link, and Garrison/Squad/Outpost unit.

Go to Menu -> Account -> Profile -> Edit ProfileProfile.png

You can find your 501st link by going to 501st.com/members/searchform.php and typing in your TKID. Click on the "more..." button next to your name, and when you are on your profile page, copy the link and put it in your TFE Forum profile under, "501st Profile". Do NOT copy and paste the generic results list. 

501st Link.png

Once all of that is completed, you can then go to the Permissions Request thread and request Detachment Membership by following the directions:


Just make sure you log in at least once every 365 days (more is ALWAYS a better idea ;) ) and you will be set to stay as an active TFE forum member and participate in Membership Programs and merchandise.

501st DB Membership

Now that you have the TFE part of Detachment Membership down, it's time to get your voting abilities locked down.

Go to https://www.501st.com/memberDB/ and once you're logged in, to to the left menu bar to Membership DB -> YOUR PROFILE DATA ->  Your Unit Affiliation -> Edit

From here, you can add the Flagship Eclipse Detachment (if you aren't Pending already due to your GML adding you). 


*IMPORTANT NOTE* It is alright if you are not immediately added to the list! Myself and the Det XO check it regularly against existing TFE Forum accounts based on TKIDs (why the first steps were necessary) and then approve from there. The DB is only required for voting, and I can assure you that it is all updated before elections!

At this point, you are 100% a Detachment Member of the Flagship Eclipse, and are eligible for ALL the benefits that membership offers! 

If you have any issues with the process, you can contact TheFlagshpEclipse@gmail.com and I can help you sort out any issues!

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