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Visas Marr Fabric Question


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I am working on a Visas Marr costume and I usually buy my fabric from Joann's, but the crepe back satin I usually buy has been out of stock for months and I have a sneaky suspion that they are phasing out the wine color that works PERFECTLY for this costume.


So I'm sourcing different fabric and need some advice about the colors. These are from Fabric Directs. First is Poplin in Burgendy, Second is Polyester Crepe in Burgendy and Third is Crepe Back Satin in Fuschia.


1. With Flash



2. Without Flash



3. Close up With Flash



4. Without




I personally lean toward Second (the middle one). Clearly, the Third is too bright, so for me, it is a tie between the other two.



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So I bought the Burgendy crepe fabric and was so excited for it, only to get a very nice call from Fabric Direct, informing me that they have discontinued the Crepe in Burgendy!


So back to the drawing board! I ordered a whole bunch of samples from them again, of different fabrics (I'm still hopeful to get fabric from them). I'm also heading to Joann's tomorrow to get 2" slices of several fabrics that I liked from them. Crossing my fingers that SOMETHING will work :P . I need to make a selection soon. I want this costume by early March, so I need to get chopping on this!

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Got new samples!


The top sample is the original-would-have-been-perfect sample that the company no longer carrys. So we have:


With Flash:

1. Poplin in Merlot 2. Broadcloth in Burgundy and 3. Charmuse in Burgundy



The Same without Flash:




Personally, I kinda want to do 3, but my next thought is the lightness of the fabric. I do plan on lining the sleeves and veil, so it probably is less of a problem then I think it is. So I kinda debate between 3 and 2. The advantage of 2 is that it is made of cotton and that would be much more breathable under the vinyl overdress.



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I'm on the Number 2 train as well. I'd be concerned about the charmeuse as it can end up looking cheap when out next to other fabrics IMO and the shiny side is bleeding through to the back more than I think is right.

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