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Darth Talon Bikini Top


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Hi there

Im about to start a Darth Talon costume and have everything worked out but the bikini top I was wondering if anyone could give me some idea as to how it is done Im a little baffled.


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The ones I've seen in person were built over thin, "deep plunge" strapless bras to assist in staying up, paired with spirit glue so they wouldn't move and show sskin vs painted areas. They took 4 leather-like strips, made the front panel, then 2 larger strips that tapered towards the back and cut out the rectangular shapes on the sides, back-filling with a contrasting finish.


What I would do is use a leather-like material that is "shiny" leather (but not high gloss) for the straps and the cutouts, and then use a more matte fabric for the straps that go around the sides and back. Here are some references to explain what I'm talking about.





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This is a little older, but I thought I would chime in. My top isn't as deeply plunged as Talon's seems to be in some panels, but it does the job. What I did was take one of those sticky bras with no straps like they often use under wedding dresses, and then I glued it into a deep plunge push up bra in black. I covered this with faux leather strips sewed to create the paneled look with hand stitching to the bra. Twilek Paradise has a really great tutorial doing mostly the same things. I can't remember the link off hand but if you google "darth talon armor tutorial" it should pop up.

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