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Underclothing question;

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That would work underneath the shirt with the horizontal line on it, but I personally prefer a short sleeved shirt underneath, as my bracers are snug already, and having the extra fabric there makes it more tight.  


My base layer shirt is similar to this https://www.underarmour.com/en-us/mens-ua-raid-short-sleeve-t-shirt/pid1257466-001

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I'm don't wearing anything on the top, just get my black revan 501st approval shirt of course


And under my Hakama nothing too. Like a scottish !!


Ok ok just an underpant :)

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Speaking on the shirt, I have trolled the forums and seen the pictures but is there a certain brand that makes this shirt or no? I have seen some troopers have altered existing shirts with tubing or stitching.

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