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Sith Stalker Pre-Build materials


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Hello everyone! I am looking to start working on a Sith Stalker costume and I was wondering what materials I should pick up before beginning?


The only parts I really have planned out are the helmet and the finger claws. The helmet I plan on doing with pepakura and resin and the claws will be 3D printed. I have no idea what would be best, and what would be approved for the 501st, for the armor pieces and cybernetic arm pieces.


So, a material list of the things you might have wanted during your build or any tips in general would be greatly appreciated!


Thanks in advance!

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Ok wait wait! Are you building this costume from scratch? 


Everytime I build a costume I start a huge paper list. I go through each and every part of the character and then I post it. There will inevitably be many more pieces youll need.


Also there are so many ways to build things. I myself am a resin caster so I would build the helmet and cast it. You have a great idea with the Pep files. But i warn you. You need to go the extra mile with Pep and make sure it looks quality. Like many of Galens costumes this requires knowledge of both hard and soft parts. 


So get a full turn around 1st and take a heck of a look at him.


I myself don't know what tools you are starting with (do you have sand paper? glues? dremmel? all of these are very helpful!) 


What I also recommend is to check out others threads on this build. Ive seen a few other folks making this costume (even recently) so taking a look there will really help. 


I feel like i am of little help here, there is just so much going on with this costume.


 But i say start a Work in Progress on him now! =D 


This costume requires the following practices.



Seamstressing and tailoring

resin work or plastics


Itll be fun! but all three of those require a different tool and skill set. 

Nothing you cant learn! i myself do all 3



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Thanks for the reply Amidala! I am indeed planning on building this from scratch. I'm working on an Anovos TK kit and it's great, but I'm itching to really make this one with my own two hands. I do indeed have sandpaper, a dremel, superglue, plastic cement, sewing machine, so I have a good start for tools. I'll definitely make up a list of items and pieces and post it in the WIP once I get that up and running. The costume I'm planning is actually not the hoth version, but the original stalker armor seen in the evil ending of Force Unleashed. Again, thank you so much for the tips and I'm off to check out the other builds!

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Might be helpful to look up what the name of the costume is called in the CRL, that you are planning on building, so there is less confusion as to what you are actually building, so those who have made that costume before you, could be of help.


There are like 12 different starkiller costumes, so maybe correctly name what you are building as a starting point!


I have made the hoth version, so I would be of little help with a different version, but once you give your costume a name, maybe someone else who has experience building that version will respond.


It didn't happen with me, I had to do everything on my own, with a lot of trial and error, no help at all, but I got there!

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Thanks Yankee! The costume I'm looking at starting is actually simply called Starkiller: Sith Stalker on the database and the CRL is currently non-existent, so I'm not sure what else to title it. I'll try to include pics if I can so everyone can understand which costume I'm looking for.

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