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The Clone Emperor

The Clone Emperor's Full Circle

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This represents a nice circle for me;

1993 Inspired by Star Wars and the work of Timothy Zahn, Tom Veitch and Cam Kennedy created Dark Empire, one of the first Dark Horse SW: Expanded Universe tales. The Clone Emperor is introduced as the main villain.

1998 Hasbro creates their first Clone Emperor action figure as part of their Expanded Universe line.


2002 I learn of the Dark Empire tales after discovering the Hasbro Clone Emperor action figure. I make my Clone Emperor as my very first "convention costume" to wear at Star Wars Celebration II.


2005 I am surprised to find myself illustrated by Joe Corroney as The Clone Emperor in the Star Wars Insider Issue 83


2006 Meaning well, my friends send me a forged lettre "from Hasbro" saying I had been chosen as the model for the retooling of their Clone Emperor. It was not meant to be a cruel gesture, but a cute way of introducing a gift they had made together; Darth Elmo.

1985 Austrian rock singer Falco oops...


Back in March (2008) I was contacted for reference images to be used in an upcoming LFL project. I could not however, confirm the nature of the project until recently. Even then I was asked not share the art work until the product was released. SInce I ran across the little guys at a Toys 'R Us today, I feel it is safe to share this;


Hasbro Comic 2-pack Dark Empire II panel art by Brian Rood

The Clone Emperor by Thomas Spanos


From Rebelscum.com;


(Click to enlarge)


The only the art is based on my costume, not the figure. If you look closely at the art for Luke, you may notice that from the waist up, Luke's attire is based on the flip of this image;



For comparison, this is an image of my costume from this year's Dragon*Con (Photo by Postalnik):



A nice dark circle.


Be well,


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Thank you Joe. After posting this I best make for bed lest I inscribe permanent dark circles about my own eyes.


Tonight, I am tickled to share this recent appearance of The Emperor Reborn from the Star Wars: The Essential Atlas;


Illustration by Chris Trevas.


Chris contacted me last year with a reference request. The final illustration is meant to resemble a younger Ian McDiarmid.


The Essential Atlas officially went on sale today.


Be well,


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Guest Anonymous

Utterly amazing!


I can gush more but it would all be rather redundant. :wink:


It is a fantasic costume and the recognition it's received is well earned and deserved!

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Guest Daritha

For those who are able to understand German, I have written a review of the Atlas (link).


I admire Chris Trevas' work since the New Essential Chronology and the Essent. Guide to the Force. I smiled when I stumbled over the image of our beloved Clone Emperor. My first thought was: "He he. Thomas." This, I guess, proofs your impact on the image of Palps, Mr. Spanos. ^^

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