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My Revan WIP


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So last month, my Revan kit from Rob arrived.




After pouring through the threads here, I've been buying the items needed to improve the costume prior to submitting for approval. I still need to get laceless boots and I have three lightsaber on order.


Today, I started by replacing the keyrings that Rob installed on the bottom of the armor.




I'll post more pics as I make more changes.


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Glad to see you've not only done your homework but you're already making some great upgrades!   


Keep it up, and let us know if there's anything we can do to help!

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  • 3 weeks later...

Ugh... setback!
Was doing a wear test in prep for submitting my application photos and the rubber strap on the side of the armor broke.   :(
So I am going to have to replace the silver/metallic looking rubber for the belt to the O-Ring.  I found this hide of metalic pewter leather for sale.  The leather should be many times stronger.
What are your thoughts on using that leather?

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If its around the same grain (thickness and type) of leather you should be alright, just make sure not to get a Leather thats to thin as youll be needing it to pull and hold :)

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Thanks for the feedback guys.  I did order the leather, the whole hide was only $35, so not a huge investment if it doesn't work out perfectly and I need to go in another direction.

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  • 4 weeks later...

Thanks for your guys' support!  I am proud to say that my Darth Revan was approved!  Looking forward to doing some trooping with it this spring/summer.


Now to start working on a Darth Talon for my daughter who wants to join the Galactic Academy (and join me in costume at the Denver Comic Con).

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