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Sith Acolyte Build (Mynock's Den Armor)


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Hey all! Just got ahold of a Mynock kit - figured I would post some pics as I build. This kit is very detailed, Its scary cutting into it and buffing.... Well worth the wait though.


I have a couple of parts Im awaiting from Taras - the helmet back etc, but figured I would get moving as far as I could!



I trimmed and cut everything for the most part this weekend, and started the polishing.


Little clean up on the mask - some small resin bits throughout the lines and curves, nothing a hobby knife can't handle!:


Almost there! I have to airbrush in the black for the inset areas, then steel wool the raised areas:







I went with the 220 grit sand paper followed by 000 and then 0000 steel wool. It didnt give me the gleam I wanted so went with some silver leaf Rub and Buff. That brought out a very metallic shine - almost too much... I will have to weather it down with some 0000 wool once I apply the acrylic wash...


Here is a before and after rub and buff - which one has been buffed? =P




Here is some progress from today:



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Here is some of the kit out of the box:






Here is the mesk first run, I polished it, then airbrushed in the black on the insets, polished the raised area with steel wool to clean it up. The black isnt popping like i hoped - maybe another pass... There was a bit of weathering added to the shoulders via airbrush, and of course filled in the cog.



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Looking great so far! For the mask I know Mynock spray painted the whole mask black and then rubbed it off on the raised part of the carvings leaving the painted black lower carvings (grooves) intact. I actually painted each line by hand with black acrylic. Took awhile and found out afterward what technique he used to paint it. I'm ordering the version 5 mask and back plate from him in January so I will use that method for the next one.


Love how the aluminum polishes up. Nice!



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It looks like a great kit but I have been emailing him for months with no response and its pissing me off. I need to order the legs only as I have everything made already. How much are his kits anyway? Yours is looking absolutely awesome.

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